The 10 Most Lucrative Mechanics Jobs of 2022


Mechanics are essential for vehicles, and in the near future, it is becoming more of a necessity like crystal growth accelerators. The top 10 mechanics jobs will pay you well and the number 1 job is expected to earn roughly $64,000 per year. This list includes a variety of technological skills including automotive engineering and car diagnostics. These are careers that show no sign of slowing down in the immediate future!

Mechanics do all sorts of things such as fixing cars, airplanes, trains, boats, etc.; they operate power plants; they work at construction sites; they inspect machinery.

1. Automotive Engineer

Although taking on these types of responsibilities may seem like a simple task, there are so many different aspects to it. You must be able to understand and repair different systems, fuels and lubricants while also designing a car that matches curves and lines

2. Auto Body Technician

These professionals must have the right tools to complete their work. Whether it’s repairing a dent or painting of body panels, they need specific tools. They may use a computer program to analyze the damage before repairs are done; they also provide estimates for costs associated with damages incurred during accidents


3. Paint Technician / Automotive Finisher

They get their job done by removing the damaged parts of vehicles while ensuring the paint is applied correctly to ensure structural integrity. They may also sand, scrape, and smooth out surfaces while using compounds and polishing materials to restore the paint job.

4. Auto Mechanic

A myriad of things to do and a variety of tools to use makes this profession challenging. Automobile mechanics are responsible for checking engines and maintaining them. Mechanics may use tape measures, torque wrenches, speedometers, gauges and set up cars for test drives to prevent defects from occurring. This is an easy one. These mechanics are involved in diagnostics, repair, and maintenance of car bodies, chassis, and other components that can affect performance. They also do oil changes, tune-ups, and gas tank service. They must be good at working with hand tools as well

5. Diesel Engine Mechanic

They must know how to understand and use different tools for different repairs. They must also have the knowledge for setting up diesel engines. He or she will also be required to identify problems within the engine as well as knowing how to repair them. These technicians specialize in the diagnosis and repair of diesel engines. They work on both early generation engine vehicles and modern day ones as they maintain their engines or replace them altogether based on the extent of damage sustained during a breakdown.

6. Hydraulic Technician / Service And Repair Technician

These professionals work on manufacturing plants and other industrial operations. They make sure that the entire system works efficiently after making repairs to it and they make sure that machines are operating in the most effective way possible. These technicians perform a wide variety of tasks to ensure the safety of machinery is maintained at all times. It may involve repairing hydraulic controls or replacing damaged tubing used in hydraulic systems; they also use computers to diagnose problems within the machines

7. Hardware Configuration Specialist

The job of a hardware configuration specialist is to ensure that all computer components are compatible. They often install software but it does require expertise. They must also be able to troubleshoot and repair both servers and desktops so they must have a vast knowledge of technology. These are employed by hardware stores and they must be able to set up machines and devices that are sold by the establishment. They work on both mechanical and electronic components of these machines and must have knowledge of troubleshooting techniques.  

8. Technicians / Engineering Technicians

These technicians work in areas that include computers, engineering, and machinery; they set up and repair office equipment, help with building and structural repairs utilizing special equipment including computer-aided drafting machines; they also maintain construction sites by operating and repairing machinery. These technicians can get paid very well and they perform a variety of tasks including installing, servicing, repairing electronic equipment such as medical equipment, manufacturing systems, and computers. They also do maintenance work on generators and electrical transmission lines

9. Heavy Equipment Technician

These technicians work on heavy equipment that is used in construction and mining. They also work on machine tools and industrial machinery among other things. These technicians are required to service and repair large vehicles such as cranes, bulldozers, and other machinery found on construction sites. They also do preventive maintenance and run diagnostic tests to make sure machines remain in good condition

10. Medical Equipment Technician  

They perform a variety of tasks in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities to ensure that technological devices are kept at maximum efficiency and safety. They must have a high level of expertise in medicine and surgical techniques

Basically, these technicians perform both routine and preventative maintenance tasks on medical equipment such as x-ray machines, surgical lasers, dialysis machines, specialized computer products for healthcare purposes, etc. 


Mechanics are essential for vehicles, and in the near future, it is becoming more of a necessity. The top 10 mechanics jobs will pay you well and the number 1 job is expected to earn roughly $64,000 per year. This list includes a variety of technological skills including automotive engineering and car diagnostics.


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