Ten Reasons Why People Like Entertainment Podcasts


Podcasts are an inexpensive way to get information, entertainment, and a whole lot more. They allow you to work on your own time while simultaneously learning something new. They offer the internet’s most popular varieties of talk radio and music. Vivid entertainment podcast  is no exception to this as we want to bring this version of talk radio, television and music to your ear.

What is a podcast? A podcast is basically an audio file that you can play on your computer or mobile device. A podcaster records each episode and posts it on the internet for the world to listen to. Most podcasts are free, but some are offered at a cost by companies such as iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. The free podcasts tend to be ad-supported while the paid ones are advertisement free. Movie podcasts (or movie reviews) tend to be ad-free while music podcasts often have ads that either offer discounts or special deals (such as being able to download one song for free).

Ten Reasons Why People Like Entertainment Podcast :

1. Personalized : 

Podcasts are truly one man’s opinion. Many podcasts are produced by one person (the host) who basically talks to himself. More often than not, podcasts are non-fiction (or reflect their hosts’ views, values and attitudes) as compared to fictional talk shows or news reports. Fans of entertainment podcasts tend to like them because they feel closer to the host compared to watching a movie or listening to music with a singer whose feelings you have no idea about.


2. Shows Off Creative Skills : 

Podcasts are a great way for people to showcase their skills in writing, voice acting, editing and video making. Podcasting allows the audio creator to have a true sense of accomplishment as they have created it from scratch.

3. They’re Creative : 

Podcasts have an element of creativity and innovation because there are no boundaries of what people can create in their podcast. What is the content of a podcast? The host can decide to talk about his life journey, a topic he wants to touch on or any other interesting topics that pop into his mind.

4. They’re Insightful : 

The content of a good entertainment podcast tends to be insightful since they tend to showcase the hosts’ opinions and knowledge on various topics in our society. It is obvious that the host has done extensive research on what he wants to present and share with his listenership.

5. They’re Educational : 

Podcasts are an excellent way to learn new things. How? Well, the host will use his knowledge gained from his research and insights in the field of his own interest. Thus, podcasting is truly educational because the host not only seeks to entertain but also share knowledge with his audience.

6. They’re interesting : 

Podcasts are entertaining as well as informative on a whole lot of levels. The content is generally either entertaining (talking about random topics), informative (talking about various social issues), or both at once (where the host will talk about information as well as entertainment).

7. They have good content : 

Many entertainment podcasts have been around for a decade or more. They have proven their worth through episodes of content that is informative, insightful and entertaining. Thus, the host can be trusted to deliver on his promise of quality entertainment. Fans tend to look forward to a new episode of their favorite entertainer’s podcast as it always promises good content quality.

8. They are effective : 

Podcasts are true media. The host uses his own voice and is responsible for the content of his show. Rather than rely on robots to read his words, the host has to make sure he is effective with his message. This means that he must choose the right words and tone that will bring about the desired effect on listeners’ minds. 

In order to be effective, you must be knowledgeable about what you want to say and captivating when communicating it. You would also have to be able to filter out all distractions in order for your audience not only to hear but also understand what you have said.

9. They’re informative : 

Podcasts are an excellent form of information. The host of a podcast will use a certain medium for delivering information to his audience – be it audio or video. The host will then have to have researched on the topic he wishes to discuss, and create an informative show as well as add some entertainment value to it (if he decides to). If you are looking for some tips on how to get started in podcasting, please visit our blog: How To Start A Podcast On Just About Any Platform. 

10. They’re engaging : 

Podcasting is a one-man show, just like talk radio. The host, who does all the talking, provides the entertainment as well as the knowledge. He will have to engage his audience (or listenership) in order for them to stay tuned and interested in his podcast.


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