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Here is a video aa that shows several different songs that are in the telugu item song collection. You don’t have to watch the entire video to get the gist, but I would recommend it, especially if you are looking for some of the lesser known items in the collection.

In telugu movie, item songs are songs that have been created especially for film. They were made for films and usually, people who are making the songs are usually music directors or composers for the film. The content of the songs were usually lyrics and music that was not made for the particular movie but would have been a part of the film’s soundtrack.

The songs were usually in Telugu, but the item songs in the collection are in English. Some of the songs in the collection are also in Hindi, but mostly in Telugu, and the other songs are in English.

In the Telugu version of the collection, each song is an item. This can be an earphone, a pair of headphones, or a pair of headphones and earphones. The songs are in English and Telugu, but mostly in Telugu.


The songs were mostly made for the Telugu versions of the item songs collection, there is one song in Hindi, and one song in Tamil and Telugu.

The Telugu item songs collection is quite a bit different from the Tamil and Telugu collections. The songs are now in English, but they have been re-recorded in Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil. All of the Telugu versions are the original songs, but the other languages have slightly different arrangements. The Telugu versions have one more song than the Tamil versions.

The songs that have been re-recorded in Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil are all in fact the original (the versions of the songs in Tamil and Telugu are just slightly different), but the versions in English are a little different. The Telugu version has slightly different lyrics, and the Tamil version has slightly different instruments.

I don’t know how easy it is to re-record the song in Telugu, but it is very easy in Hindi and Tamil. The English version is slightly different than the Telugu version.

One word: Different. For example, the Tamil version of the song in English, titled “Mai Muthalai Nenjalai” has a different instrument that the Telugu version, titled “Alangal” has.

I think that Telugu item songs naa songs have the same feel of the Telugu version of the song in English.


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