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If you’ve been following my blog posts I’m sure you were excited to find out a new name for my target newport news conference. Well, as you all know, I’m also going to be speaking at the conference in New Providence today. So wanted to get that out of the way first before we move on to what’s up with me. During the day I’m planning on taking part in the New Providence American Legion Convention there and then head back south to NYC for 2 days to speak at Eventbrite’s World Congress . My schedule says that I’ll have 3 days off there then another 2 days back in New York City. On Tuesday morning I’ll be speaking at AME’s Washington D.

The release of a report about the current state of the American workforce by The Conference Board of America. The report is titled “The True Cost of Employer-Sponsored Scams: Focus on Education, not Employment.” The report presents the number one employer sponsored scammers as 862 companies and states that 93% of them will agree to bring workers on board for a lower salary than what they charged.

Today, there are two ways to tell the difference between a newport news and a newport rain. The two keys to distinguishing the two are: 1. Local newspapers like Newport News Times and Newport News Daily News publish local news; 2. Newspapers in California like the San Diego Union-Tribune publish local news from small towns, such as San Diego. Today, Mother Jones is publishing a story about how California cities are trying to chase out of existence their tiny Newports – because they’ll only fill up enough space for one newspaper! This is a great example of how small town newspapers can jump on the bandwagon. In fact, it’s also an interesting reminder that some of the biggest world events happen right here in our hometowns.

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