How to check if your headphones are too loud?

Headphones are used by millions, if not billions of people. There are simply many reasons to use them. Most common being, listening to music. If you are a music lover, then you will definitely have a headphone.

However, in doing so, a lot of people tend to damage their hearing abilities. This is because they listen to music on excessively high volumes. This is clearly detrimental to your hearing abilities.

This article will guide you over how to check if you headphones are too loud.

  • Conduct a ringing test

This is one of the best ways to check if the headphones are too loud or not. All you need is a headphone and a peaceful environment where the test can be conducted. For the next two to three days make sure that you do not use the headphones. Once done, go to a quiet room. Place the headphones in your ears and relax. When silent, you will hear slight ringing in your ears. This is the base line. The very next day, resume the normal headphone activity. In the evening, do the test again. If you experience a louder ringing than the earlier test, then you should consider reducing the volume of your headphones.

  • Check volume control

This is one of the most effective ways in which you can check if the headphones are too loud or not. Some music is supposed to be listened at a high volume. However, this should not be a consistent habit. If you feel the need of increasing the volume more than two thirds, then it may cause you hearing loss. Some headphones, such as JBL Headphones provide you with the option to check volume control.

  • Look out for hearing loss

This is perhaps the most serious way in which you can check whether you are using the headphones at excessive volumes. Check out whether there are any signs of hearing loss. This may include different signs such as ringing and buzzing in the ears, difficulty in hearing, muffled sounds, pain in the ear and the need to turning up the volume. If these signs are there, then you definitely need to lower the volume of your headphones. You may even consider using other audio equipments such as JBL Speakers.

  • Use sound meter

This is an accurate way to measure whether you are listening at high volumes. Sound meters will tell you exactly at what level the volume is. It is device which is used for measurement of sound levels. It will provide you with a good gauge.

The bottom line

It is essential that you listen to music on your headphones at a reasonable volume. It should not be too low that you cannot even hear the music. However, it definitely should not be high to damage your ears. Follow the aforementioned methods to know whether you are listening to music at high volumes and how it can be avoided.