Step And Repeat – Check Out The Specifications Before Finalizing The Rates


You have probably seen the step and repeat banners whenever you attended any event or watched a star-studded party on TV. But, these banners do not always have to be in expensive parties to make an impact. Even if you are planning to set an event, you can opt for step and repeat banners anytime you want. You will have guests and invitees coming over. A proficiently created banner will attract them more to stand in front of it and take pictures.

The more pictures they take the better. When those photos will move online as display pictures, it will help in promoting your brand name and logo even more. As the background of those pictures will have the name of your company on it, so, those display pictures will definitely act as your promotional tool. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay for it! The photos will keep on getting posted and you will receive free advertisement!

Get adjustable stands with the banners:

Whenever you are purchasing step and repeat banners from retail stores or online houses, you will receive stands with them. It comes as a complete package and you will have the mounting accessories with the banners as well. So, there is no need to purchase stand separately.

  • Now the stands you get with the banner are really flexible.
  • Based on the size you want, you can adjust the height of the stand, and the banner with it.
  • The stands are mainly in their pop up version. So, it will hardly take you few minutes to put the banner together.
  • When the job is done and the event is over, you can dismantle the stand easily and get the banner down. It will take you lesser time than putting up the banner.

Can store the banner for future uses:

You can print out the banner one time and reuse it over and over again. The materials, used for manufacturing these banners, are easily available so the rates for permanent banners won’t be much. The fabric materials won’t tear or wear off that easily, and the modernized prints will not fade the message from the body of the fabric.


No matter how harsh the weather condition is, the banners will withstand all of that. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about its placement. There are always spaces in venues, designed for step and repeat banners allotted beforehand.

Costing will vary a lot:

Depending on the company you have chosen for the step and repeat banner and the size, the costing will vary. There will be a huge difference in the cost based on the designs you have chosen for the banner. The standard ones will cost you quite less, but you can’t say the same for the customized graphical options.

So, don’t forget to get a rate for every package first and then you can make the comparison to see which one is best. Depending on your choice you can opt for the final call. 


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