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period underwear

When it’s our period, most of us rely on disposable menstruation products like pads, liners, and tampons to keep us going; it’s something that most girls do without thinking about it. But what if you discarded all your period products in favour of washable period underwear? Back in the day, they didn’t exist, but now they do, but there are a variety of possibilities to select from.

What is the definition of period underwear? 

Period underwear consists of knickers or pants that you wear throughout your period. You use them instead of tampons and pads, typical sanitary items. Depending on how thick your period is, they absorb your period flow and come in various styles and thicknesses. They have anti-microbial and moisture-wicking features, just like period pads and liners, to help avoid odours, and the best characteristic about them is that they’re reusable. You can do them on their own to soak your period or pair them with menstrual cups or tampons to help prevent leaks if your flow is heavy.

Is it possible to wear period undies all day? 

It could be, but it all depends upon when you want to wear them and how thick your period is. If your period isn’t too heavy, you might be able to get away with wearing period panties during the day. Light, medium, and heavy discharge period panties are available, as are all sanitary goods. You might need one pair of underpants on days when the period is lighter. You could still wear them on heavy days, but you’ll need to use tampons, pads, or menstrual cups in addition.

What’s the best way to wash period underwear? 

Because you’ll be wearing your period pants again, you must spend the time thoroughly washing them. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the most significant results, but in general, you must run them with cool water. Then toss them into your washer with your delicate load. Hot water may cause any residual blood to become entrenched in your period panties; always use a cold-wash cycle. It will also last longer if you place it in a soft laundry bag.


Period underwear has ten advantages. 

They are better for the environment. 

A woman’s use of tampons or pads (together with all the material that comes without them) ranges from 5 to 15,000 units. These identical products end up in landfills, contributing to the global pollution catastrophe, and since many of them use plastic or have plastic packaging, their environmental impact is long-term. 

They’re simple to use. 

Put them on like you would a regular pair of knickers and go about your business. While the concept of bleeding immediately into your undies may take some getting used to, some individuals find that using washable period underwear is more convenient than fussing with tampons and the like.

They can be used again and again. 

Unlike conventional menstrual products flushed or thrown away, many menstrual things are formulated to be reused. Please put them in the washing machine after a complete rinse underneath the cold tap. Any remaining blood might contribute to the growth of bacteria, so make sure you wash them thoroughly. Period panties can last from 2 and 5 years if properly cared for.

They are budget-friendly. 

Because, unlike traditional menstrual products, you don’t have to toss them away each time you use them. We’ve already established that this results in less waste, so it means having less money on such items because you require fewer of them.

They have a more natural appearance. 

Because they’re similar to putting on a pair of trousers, the only difference is that they have an extra layer of material that can act as a pad or tampons or provide additional leakage protection. 

They come in a variety of styles. 

It’s easy to assume that period underwear is dowdy, yet this couldn’t be further from reality. They come in various styles, including thong, bikini-style, lacey, and complete, making them seem and feel just like a regular pair of underwear.


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