Squarespace version 7.1 vs. version 7.0

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In early 2020, we released Squarespace version 7.1. If you used Squarespace at any point before that, you may be more familiar with Squarespace version 7.0Many features are identical in both versions, such as commerce, analytics, SEO, and some page types. However, version 7.1 introduces new, streamlined options for adding content and styling your site. Let people know more with the help of this guide that covers the major changes and helps you get a sense of what you can do with version 7.1. Jaynike will help you to reach a bigger audience. 

Tip: to envision that platform your web site uses, log into your web site and click on facilitate within the left panel. For additional facilitate, visit what is my site’s version and template?

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If you are associate degree experienced  Squarespace user, this is often possible one in every of the most important enhancements you may notice within the cover version. In version seven.0, each example had distinctive vogue rules and choices, that meant you may got to switch templates to attain a distinct look or feature. 

In version seven.1, all sites have an equivalent choices, notwithstanding that example you decide on once making your web site. which means you do not got to modification templates to use differing types of pages, and you have got access to each style feature while not having to begin over with a brand new example.


To change the design of your example in seven.1:

Change the colours, fonts, and different world designs for your web site within the style panel.

Add new pages with completely different pre-built page layouts.

Create new sections to vary a page’s layout. for instance, to make a page banner, add an area with a background image at the highest of a page.

Use section designs to override world designs and provides individual sections distinct appearance.

Site styles panel

While several of the fashion tweaks on the market in version seven.0 square measure in version seven.1, they’re organized in new ways in which therefore you’ll be able to build broader changes to your web site while not having to vary each individual tweak individually. for instance, if you would like to form a dramatic modification to your site’s fonts, you’ll be able to modification your world designs instead of change each font choice.

In 7.1, use {the web site|the location|the positioning} designs panel to line world designs across your site, such as:

Fine-tuned color choices – Use professionally curated choices to form changes to your web site colours all directly. you’ll be able to additionally customise colours separately with advanced choices.

Curated font packs – Use font packs to form changes to your web site fonts all directly, or choose from a good array of integral fonts with advanced choices.

Other web site parts – In version seven.1, the positioning designs panel highlights world vogue choices for buttons, spacing, blog posts, products, and image blocks.

Design choices from seven.0 – You’ll additionally notice choices to customise your browser icon, lock screen, checkout page, 404 page, social sharing brand, and custom CSS in version seven.1’s style panel.

To learn additional, visit creating vogue changes.

Pages and content

Adding and written material pages in version seven.1 ought to feel acquainted to experienced  seven.0 users. for instance, adding and moving blocks works an equivalent means.

But in version seven.1, you have got additional management over however you add and arange content on your pages. one in every of the key variations is that seven.1 supports page sections. Page sections have several benefits, including:

Flexible content areas – In version seven.1, you’ll be able to add sections to each page. for instance, you’ll be able to add further content to the landing pages of stores, blog pages, and different collections, that wasn’t potential in most version seven.0 templates.

Stackable and stylable – Add multiple sections to make long scrolling pages with multiple distinct content areas (like stacked index pages in version seven.0). Edit section-specific vogue settings to form sure sections or pages stand out from the remainder of your web site.

Custom layouts – produce custom layouts with blocks, or use our auto-layouts to feature sets of content and organize them mechanically into lists or galleries.

Banner pictures on any page – In version seven.1, you’ll be able to add a banner image to any page by adding an area at the highest with a background image. In version seven.0, banners were solely on the market in specific templates.

Portfolio pages

Version 7.1 introduces a brand new page type: portfolio pages. Portfolio pages produce unreal landing pages with links to sub-pages. this is often an excellent thanks to organize and showcase galleries, projects, portfolio highlights, and different content in one place. The result is analogous to grid index pages in version seven.0.

To learn additional, visit portfolio pages.

Where to find features in 7.1

Use the table below for an summary of however options on the market on version seven.0 have modified in version seven.1, and that options square measure an equivalent in each versions.


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