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Debts are always an element of discomfort in the smoothness of our lives. Especially when the working lives are near a close, the anxiety about money can get more serious. However, Sydney is a place with many activities that one can engage in for social and emotional development. So a financial advisor in Sydney suggests that to be a part of all the fun, it is good to reduce the debts well ahead of time, even after retirement. 

It should be done when one has a steady job and income on their side. This article will give some tips for Aussies to reduce debts and enjoy a good retirement life. 

  1. Have a Budget and standardise them over time

It is always good to have a detailed budget and prioritise things. However, the popular tendency for people is to create a budget and stick to that for years. Human needs and priorities change over time, and so would one, day to day bills, living costs, health care expenses and many more. Set up a workable budget that can help to figure out the expenses and savings. There are even many online budget planner calculators available online, which can be used for the situation. 

  1. Have clarity of your money

Always remember that spare money which is kept idle would do no good for anybody. For instance, a sum of money that is kept in a transaction account would do no good. But if it is invested or linked to the home loan, an offset account can be good. The latter can help in reducing the interest that is supposed to be paid for the loan. 


Therefore, investment options can ensure better returns. Always try to invest the money somewhere or link it to a loan account which can be more helpful than holding it idle. 

  1. Get organised

To pay off the debt, one has to have a better idea of the numbers. So first, work out the details of the debts and their total. Then go on to compare one’s income and spending ratio. Also, decide on a place one can cut down according to the budget prioritisation. 

Go on to look at the chances of benefit from rolling one’s debts into the loan. Always look forward to paying off the debts before time to avoid the additional charges. Try to pay the full outstanding amounts than the minimum owing. Try to pay back some extra repayments, if possible. 

People who have debts are also advised to shop from people with low interest rates and annual fees. They are also advised to talk with financial advisors in Sydney, who can help find an alternative plan for payments. 

  1. Try to downsize and refinance

From one’s budget and requirements, they can decide whether to downsize the home, which helps pay the loans faster. Moreover, they can help in saving money for the future.

When one decides to refinance, they can replace the existing home loan with a new one. In this way, they can enjoy the cost benefits and have a little more financial stability. 

  1. Work a little more longer

From one’s debt amount and expenses, they might have an idea of how much longer they would need to pay them. Postponing one’s retirement can be a solution for this. In this way, they can even boost their savings and bank balance and be more financially secure.


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