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One of the best ways to show off your business cards can be to make the business cards themselves.

You’ve probably heard my friends talk about how the business card should be the highlight of your website, but I’m going to argue that it’s not the main thing you want to put on your website.

To be honest, the logo doesn’t really do a great job of highlighting your business’s purpose. In order to differentiate your business from all the other businesses on the planet, you need to make sure your logo is as prominent as possible.

This is one of those things where my opinion comes off as a little biased. I think my first business card was a little too fancy and flashy. I had a business card that read “I’m a business owner” all over it, as if that is what it’s all about. Then it got a little cheesy, and I gave it away to a guy that I just met. I don’t know if that’s what I should do for my next card.


There is no such thing as too fancy or too flashy. If your logo is flashy you are going to have less success with your business. But you might also look like you’re trying too hard to impress. If your logo has a subtle, almost “cool” look to it, then you might be doing too much to impress. But hey, its your logo, so just work with it.

I think I just heard the first line to “The Way You Are” by the White Stripes. It starts: “When I’m gone/ you’ll be left to wonder/ if the world was ever filled with you/ I was wrong.

I know this is the most basic of your questions, but if you have to ask about your logo, I guess the answer is yes. I really like this kind of logo and I think its a good example of a logo that needs to be used strategically, not just randomly slapped on an item. Of course, I don’t always like a logo that is just slapped on to something to make it look fancy.

But this logo is just a splash on a plastic card that says “White Stripes,” right? That’s what makes it cool. A logo that says “White Stripes” isn’t just cool, it’s awesome. But most people don’t see it that way. Not that everyone is perfect but most people see it as a random logo slapped on to something.

But when a company is offering a product like that, thats when a logo that says White Stripes isnt just a random logo slapped on to something.

White Stripes has definitely been a game changer in the world of skin care. A company that is offering something like that, that doesnt scream “look at how cool we are” isnt just a random logo slapped on to something.


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