SIMPLE LIVING Strategies For Beginners


The benefits of simple living are numerous and rant lifestyle girls, but it can be tricky to know where to start. Learn how to clear your mind, save money, and find joy in the little things. Spend more time with friends and family and less time at work. Choose happiness over material items. Achieve financial independence by reducing bills and expenses. Turn a bad day into a good one by embracing simplicity today!

This isn’t about following trends or becoming the next Instagram star for a week; it’s about having peace in your life so that you can have joy on a daily basis.

1. Find Freedom In Simplicity

Consumerism has taken over our society. We’re surrounded by advertisements that tell us the latest gadget will bring us joy and happiness, and we buy it without much thought. It’s time to simplify. Freedom can’t be found in material possessions, but in your own mind and soul. The best things in life are completely free and having a simple lifestyle allows you to enjoy them more than anything else out there.

2. Enjoy The Little Things

We all have stress, but it’s important to keep things in perspective. We have to remember that not everything is a big deal. While it’s important to work hard, it’s also important to remember the little things, like spending time with your family, appreciating nature, or enjoying a nice cup of tea. This is what makes life special and why you need to keep things simple.


3. Use Your Time Wisely

It’s easy to spend even more time at work than you need to if we put our lives on hold for years at a time. When you live in a small setting, there’s no place else you can be except home, so make use of that time by learning how to live off the grid and enjoying your life!

4. Set Your Mind Free

Once you learn how to live a simple lifestyle, it’s important to keep your mind free of clutter so that you aren’t bogged down with unnecessary things. You don’t need all of the latest gadgets and technologies to enjoy a good life, so simplify by reducing your possessions while keeping essential items on hand (i.e. cell phone, computer, clothes, etc.).

5. Seek Out Happiness

We all have our stresses and worries in life, but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be all about work. Find happiness in the little things and remember to take time out of each day for relaxation. Don’t become stressed out, work hard and enjoy your life!

6. Keep Things Organized

Keeping things organized is useful for a number of different reasons. It allows you to save time, find things more quickly and keep clutter at bay so that you can achieve your goals with fewer distractions. The simplest way to organize is to create different groups for everything in your house/apartment so that you know where it is and can easily find it when you need it.

7. Choose Simplicity

When you live a simple lifestyle, you’re forced to make difficult decisions about what’s important in your life. The truth is that most of us don’t really need most of the things we buy, so instead of buying new things, why not give those items away? You can clear out your house while reducing the clutter and help others out in the process.

8. Keep Life Simple

The key to living a simple lifestyle is to remember that it’s not about possessions or material goods; it’s about finding happiness in your life and letting go of things that weigh you down. Instead of worrying about the latest gadgets and entertainment, focus on living in the moment and having fun.

9. Get Rid of Non-Essential Things

Something that is a big part of most people’s lives is their home or apartment. When you live a simple lifestyle, you get rid of all the junk that isn’t necessary for your day-to-day life, making space for new items. This is a great way to save money and still have what you want! Once you realize the ridiculous amount of unnecessary items that clutter up our homes and apartments, it’s easier to simplify by getting rid of them.

10. Get Out Of Debt

Living a simple lifestyle is an excellent way to get out of debt and save money. Most of us spend money on unnecessary things, and once you learn how to live a simpler lifestyle, it’s easy to figure out where your money goes. Get rid of non-essential items (like cell phones, televisions and cars) and focus on living simply so that you can save money for the essentials.

11. Unplug From The World

Before we go crazy trying new gadgets or purchasing mass amounts of unnecessary stuff, it’s important to remember that we all need balance in life. One way to achieve that balance is to unplug from the world by turning off your cell phone, TV and computer so that you can take a break from the constant stream of data.

12. Minimize Your Bills

By living a simpler lifestyle, you’re able to reduce bills and expenses that are out of control. The first step is to cut your cable by going off the grid and watching TV or movies online, then find ways to shave money off your utility bills (turn off lights when you don’t need them). There are many different ways to live cheaply so that you can save money each month!


When you learn how to live a simple lifestyle, it’s easy to see how the world is going crazy. While it’s okay to have a TV and a cell phone, there are so many other items out there that most of us don’t need. By cutting back on our spending and reducing our finances, we can enjoy life more by living in the moment instead of worrying about things like bills or technology.


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