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Have you ever noticed the name of a person online, and the first thing that popped into your head was “ legit“? If so, then you are probably asking yourself why people would accuse someone with such a good name with being a fake — and I’m going to answer that question here.

If any new friends or acquaintances comment on someone’s account saying they’re not legitimate, don’t worry about it for too long. There is always more than one side to every story — and often there are multiple people who end up impersonating an individual at the same time! So take this article as an opportunity to learn more about how to spot these fake profiles. Fake profiles will often ignore you, but the fake profile that imitated me the most actually tried to be my friend. Here are seven signs that someone is trying to impersonate you:

Seven Things You Should Know About Horacewolf Legit :

1. Ask for a photo of your face:

If someone won’t send you a picture of their face, then they probably aren’t the real deal. I understand why some people don’t want their face on their profile (I have one myself, actually). But if you never receive a proper photo, it’s usually because the person is not real. 


If they refuse to send you a photo, they will often find other ways to make you believe them. They may send you things that look like “proof” but can easily be faked. Don’t fall for it! If someone is pretending to be someone else, they would never willingly show their face anyway.

2. Look for misspelled/bad grammar:

The majority of online profiles have a good amount of bad grammar and spelling mistakes — but if someone is fake, they will have quite a lot. Oftentimes, it’s easy to tell one person’s writing from another. If someone has the same likes as you, the same profile picture as you, and the same bio as you…then chances are, they are you! Look for all the mistakes. Most people who fake others know what to avoid so that they don’t make too many grammatical mistakes. If they did, they would be more likely to be caught.

3. Respond within a certain period of time:

If someone has been following your comments and profile all along, but suddenly doesn’t respond for weeks or months, it’s likely a fake profile. No one likes to waste their time on an online relationship, so a fake person will probably give you the silent treatment if you’re not giving them much attention and then act completely happy and surprised when you finally do message them! Don’t fall for it! It’s best to only talk with someone once you already know that they are real — unless you want to get yourself in trouble.

4. Don’t get distracted by fake profiles:

You may have noticed that in the above list I didn’t mention any screenshots of me. If someone is fake, they will most likely not have a profile that looks exactly like me. Don’t get distracted looking at other profiles to try and find one that is a close match. People who are fake will go to great lengths to stay anonymous and make their profile as similar to you as possible — but they won’t be as good as you at creating interesting profiles or an attractive image for their own profile! 

They would usually give up after one or two tries, but not many people actually bother trying for long enough to actually do it well. If you take your time and make a beautiful profile with multiple photos, it will be hard for someone to compete.

5. Don’t let people get away with lying about you:

Let’s say there is a person who has been impersonating your account for a long time. You don’t want to give out personal information, but you do want to convince them that they are wrong about whatever points of your life that they’ve mixed up. So what do you do? I’d like to remind everyone that impersonation is illegal! 

Think of all the things people accidentally post online — pictures, quotes, old conversations — and now think about someone intentionally doing this to you! So yes, impersonation is illegal. 

6. Ask them for proof:

If someone is pretending to be you, then they will probably refuse to send any proof whatsoever. They will try and convince you that they are the real deal and that you are making things up, even if it is obvious that they are not. Some people do actually try to go out of their way to fake being someone else for the sake of lying. 

7. Know that there are always more people trying to fake:

I have had quite a lot of fake people who have tried to impersonate me over the past few years — and I am sure that I haven’t met all of them. People will try impersonating you for various reasons — some will do it because they want attention and some just do it for fun.


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