Seven Reasons Tourists Love Hassan Jameel Wife Lina Lazaar’s Art


Many people believe that the city of Dubai is a destination primarily for businessmen, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, it is an economic powerhouse, and plays host to some of the wealthiest individuals in the world. But Dubai also plays host to plenty of tourists who visit every year because they love what they see. One such tourist attraction is Lina Lazaar’s art installation at Hassan Jameel Wife Square which attracted over one million visitors in 2013. Hassan Jameel Wife Lina Lazaar  is an artist who has a passion for creating art that is designed to educate, as well as bring people together. She uses several materials, including wood to create her installations. She has created several installations over the last few years, including “The Tree of Life” in 2013 and “Seven Reasons Tourists Love Hassan Jameel Wife Lina Lazaar’s Art” in 2013. 

The latter is a giant art installation which was placed at the heart of the capital. This installation was made from thousands of plastic bottles and features various strange models of life on earth, including animals, plants and people. It is designed to teach visitors about the different elements that make up the world through these models. The installation is designed to be a public space for visitors to learn about how life revolves around these different elements, and what it takes for them all to live together as one in harmony.

One of the pieces that Lazaar created in 2013 was a huge wooden piece that was placed in front of the Global Village and displayed a map of the United Arab Emirates. The installation was entitled “Hometown for Humanity” and acted as a symbol of unity for the many people who crossed its paths. But this artwork may be best known for how many people it attracted to Dubai in just one year alone. The installation attracted over 1.3 million people in 2013, and there are plenty of reasons why.

Hassan Jameel Wife Square is known as a tourist destination in the city of Dubai, but it is also an iconic location for the Children’s Day Festival. The Children’s Day Festival occurs every April and brings children from all over the world to Dubai where they can learn more about the culture and history of the country. In addition, there are also various musical performances that take place during Children’s Day, and many of these performances are given by famous artists.


Seven Reasons Tourists Love Hassan Jameel Wife Lina Lazaar’s Art :

1. Huge Artwork

The piece that attracted over one million visitors in 2013 was a huge wooden piece that was placed in front of the Global Village and displayed a map of the United Arab Emirates. This was a very large piece of art, and it drew many people to it who wanted to learn more about Dubai.

2. Great Location

Located at Hassan Jameel Wife Square, this installation was just outside of the Children’s Day Festival’s main stage so that it could serve as a symbol for the many children who participated in the festival each year. The installation also had benches surrounding it so that people could sit down and enjoy looking at the map and reading about all of the different places within Dubai.

3. Beautiful Design

The installation was designed to be beautiful. Craftsmen in Dubai were responsible for creating it, and their creativity helped to make the piece seem like something that belonged in the area immediately.

4. Educational Project for Children

Lina Lazaar’s artwork also served as a place where children could learn more about the country of Dubai. The piece sent a very clear message that there is more to life than being simply a tourist, and visitors could find out much more about what makes this city so special by just sitting down and reading the information on display.

5. Global Village

This installation was located in front of the Global Village, which is a massive indoor shopping mall that also plays host to many events and activities. The two were designed to work together so that tourists could easily explore the Global Village while they were in the area enjoying Lina’s art.

6. Clever Design

The piece also had a clever design, featuring a bench that visitors could sit on and look at their maps with ease. It was designed to be very easy for people to enjoy the installation without feeling like they had to rush through it or worry about bumping into others while they were visiting.

7. Children’s Day Festival

Finally, this installation was actually located on Children’s Day in Dubai, which means that children from all over the world came to visit it. And because it was in front of the Global Village, it acted as a gateway for many of them who wanted to learn more about their home city or even shop for souvenirs and take pictures of each other as a way of enjoying their time in the city. A lot of tourists who visited Dubai in 2013 passed by this piece on their way to other destinations, and some even decided to stop on their way back just so that they could see something beautiful and unique.


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