selene finance complaints

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The main complaint I have with selene finance has to do with fees. I’ve heard all sorts of things from friends about their dealings with the company and the fees they charge, but one of the things I’ve heard most is that they charge outrageous fees to get a loan. I don’t have any complaints with the service I’ve had with them so far. I’m just a bit worried about the fees at this point.

Thats the thing about financial services. Even though the fees they charge are ridiculous, they are still necessary. In order for people to take out a loan, they have to pay a lot of fees. And like any other service, you might have to pay more than you hoped for. That being said, Ive been with selene finance for over 3 years now. Ive never had any problems with them.

I think the only real pain point Ive had with them is with the interest rate. It seems to be a bit high at the moment. But even that is not that bad. My biggest gripe is with the fee schedule. Some of the fees seem to be a bit higher than others. Ive had to pay more in the past for the same amount of service.

For example, for any major home improvement project that Ive been involved with, their “fees” have always been within reason. For instance, if Ive done an air conditioning install, it has always been free to them. If Ive done a window replacement, it will always be free. So I just have to make sure that when I make a decision on something, I think about it in the right light, and I dont end up making a bad decision.


This is where selene finance comes in. Ive been with them for almost eight years now and i always tell people that they have great service. And that is true, but in the last year Ive been making a lot more transactions with them and Ive actually been able to save money. For a lot of these transactions, we will pay them a bit more for the service than they would do on their own.

I love the way selene finance uses the word “save” in their customer service. That’s what I would do. I love that they care. That’s what I try to do. They care about your money. They care about your experience with them. They care about you spending time with them.

I’ve saved over $250,000. That’s only $2 a day. Thats like a little over $2 a month. Thats one of those things that you might be tempted to just give up on, since you’re seeing this money disappear from your life. But really, it’s not that much money. More than $250,000 is a lot of money, but not that much.

It’s much better to feel like you’re not just getting paid to do something, but that you’re getting paid to do something that matters. But I think that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the complaints we have about service. I think a lot of our customer service complaints are about the fact that we don’t do what we say we will do.

It’s true! You can’t really blame Google, or Facebook, or any other big company for their actions. They are all just tools. In fact, in many ways they are tools used to make us more productive and successful. We are all the products of the internet – and the internet is the product of the very companies that we buy from to do our jobs.

It is true that if you want to use a tool to make you more productive, you have to use it. However, that is the exact opposite of what is happening in the business world where the companies are not really trying to make us more productive. They are, in fact, trying to make us less productive.


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