Secrets That You Should Know About Sleeping In A Hotel Parking Lot.


Some people think that sleeping in a hotel parking lot is the best way to get a good night’s sleep. But if you’re one of those people, there are some things you should know before you hit the sack. For example, there have been cases where guests have gone missing after sleeping in hotel parking lots around the world. Can you sleep in a hotel parking lot? Do you have to pay for parking? Does the hotel car park really have security cameras? And if you do sleep out in a parking lot, what should you do to make sure that you don’t get hurt?

Sleeping in a hotel parking lot has been around for years. It’s a common practice, particularly in large cities and other large metropolises where there are lots of hotels and many people who want to get some sleep after a long night out with friends.

Most people who opt to sleep in the parking lot believe that sleeping there is safe because they don’t think anyone would want to bother them. It’s generally easier for hotels to defend themselves against theft or criminal trespassing when guests don’t report it immediately.

Secrets That You Should  Know About Sleeping In A Hotel Parking Lot :


1. The possibility of getting robbed

A lot of people who sleep in parking lots believe that the threat from criminals is low. However, to be safe, you need to know that sleeping in a hotel parking lot is illegal. According to Title 24 Statute 76 of Pennsylvania, “It is unlawful for any person, other than a permitted occupant or someone being admitted by or on behalf of the owner or occupant, without first having obtained permission from the superintendent and without paying for such use thereof, to sleep in any part of the public parking area that is not designated as a place to park cars.” This means staying overnight in a parking lot could cost you your freedom.

2. What you’re getting for free and what you’re really paying for

Yes, it might cost less to sleep in a parking lot than it does to get a room at a hotel, but the true costs of staying out in the parking lot are much higher. For example, sleeping in the hotel parking lot doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be robbed or hurt while you sleep. Sleeping there also doesn’t ensure that other people won’t vandalize your vehicle while they stay out at night. While hotel personnel will be able to help if your car gets damaged, they may also turn you into the police if they find out that you’re sleeping in their parking lot overnight.

3. What to do if you get robbed

If someone steals your stuff while you sleep in a hotel parking lot, you might be tempted to try and get it back. Some people immediately contact the police, but this could land you in trouble. Other times, people decide to follow the thieves around and try to get their belongings back. This is a dangerous practice because the thieves may hurt you or use force against anyone who gets in their way. If this happens, then you could end up getting hurt on top of losing your belongings. 

The best thing to do if you think you’ve been robbed is to go home and tell the police what happened. Some people opt to sleep in the parking lot overnight in order to find out where the thief is going. But this could also turn out badly because thieves may still hurt or kill you if they know that you’re following them.

4. What to do if your car gets stolen

When a person decides that sleeping in a parking lot is a better choice than staying at a hotel, they might get worried about their car getting broken into or stolen overnight. Some hotels have security cameras installed in the parking lot, but most people don’t know what to do if their car gets stolen. To assure that you don’t find yourself in this situation, choose a hotel that’s in a safe area of town. If possible, try and park near other cars because this will help to keep your vehicle safe.

5. What to do if you’re injured

If you choose to sleep in a hotel parking lot, then you need to make sure that your car is fully-stocked with emergency supplies. Make sure that the best first aid kit contains an emergency blanket, water and snacks. Also, keep a flashlight and your cell phone ready in case of an emergency. Lastly, make sure that you don’t try and leave your car while the thief is inside it, because they may still try to hurt you.


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