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Man discovers mystery box which emits light. It might be a space ship or something paranormal.

The protagonist of the story is someone who has reincarnated. The only problem is that she lost all her memories of living in another world. 

She was just a normal person with this one exception. And finally after some time passed, she regained her memories of everything! 

This makes it so that she can’t just stay living in this world like nothing happened, but instead she must go back to the other world where her previous life continues and this is what the story focuses on.

Do you know a returner’s magic should be special mangadex?


The protagonist’s goal is to find out who killed their husband/wife (depending on the protagonist’s gender), while they were reincarnated.

The majority of the story is about the protagonist trying to figure out who killed their husband/wife in their previous life, with one or two female friends whom they have met since being alive in this world. 

While reincarnation is involved in the story, there are many other subjects that are taken into consideration ranging from romance to common sense.

Here are some points discussed about a returner’s magic should be special-

1. Returners are by definition not female.

Many people believe that it is impossible for a male to reincarnate. But this is not the case. 

Although it is possible, there isn’t much research into it, but if you take into consideration that the majority of people who reincarnate are males then it’s very possible for a man to reincarnate. 

It should be known that what the protagonist did in their previous life has nothing to do with their current life.

2. Returners are not all saints.

Some people don’t like the idea of reincarnation, but the protagonist of this story is not a saint in their previous life. 

They were murderers (depending on what gender you are) and at the end didn’t exactly go on to lead a good life. This is what makes it special that they reincarnated into this world. 

Furthermore, the protagonist isn’t the only one who has done something horrible in their previous life, which makes them even more of an interesting character than if they had led a beautiful life of virtue.

3. It’s a bit unusual to have a female main character.

The reason why the majority of people who reincarnate are males is because it is more often the case that the male character has done something extremely evil and is now trying to find out why it happened. 

Although for this story, the protagonist is female, it doesn’t mean that the male character was not evil or that they didn’t do something horrible in their previous life. For example, take serial killers and mass murderers. 

They’re mostly men and most of them have done something extremely bad in their previous life murdering someone and they’re trying to figure out what happened. It’s kind of similar to this story, but with reincarnation instead of murder.

4. It’s normal for a husband/wife to be murdered.

The reason it is possible to have reincarnation is because it is not unusual for a husband/wife to be killed in their previous life. 

This past life murder can affect your current life, if you are the reincarnated one, you may want revenge against the killer of your husband/wife in this life and will need to do something about it. 

So even though they may be married in this life, they will most likely have not married in their previous life.

5. It is possible to go back to your past life.

It is possible to go back to your past life, but it is more likely that you will stay in this current life until you find out who the murderer of your partner (and thus, the reason why you are here) is. 

This story follows their reincarnation, but maybe in their past they did something horrendous enough that they didn’t want to come back in order to fix it and therefore remained in their imagined world, which was what made them choose this place for rebirth. (It’s like “Grief” by Vinca. It’s not an example, it’s just how the story is written).

6. Reincarnation is believed to be real in some cultures.

Whether reincarnation is real or not, the people who believe in it may say that this story was very realistic. 

If you were to ask if reincarnation was real, people will say yes or no, even though it is possible that people who believe in reincarnation may claim that this story has inaccuracies (not including the fact that reincarnation is not discussed here, at least I refer you to Wikipedia’s article).

7. It is possible to forget your past life.

In some cases, people have been reincarnated and have forgotten their previous life completely, which is why they had no idea that they were reincarnated until their current life happens.


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