Protect Your PDF Files By Adding Password With PDFBear

PDF Bear

PDFBear is an online platform that supports all major Operating Systems, such as Windows, iOS, macOS, and Linux. This online platform helps you to manage all your PDF files in one go. So, there’s no need for you to visit other online sites or download any software for you to get your work done since everything that your PDF formatted documents needs are here.

There are various tools available in PDFBear, such as conversion tool, merging tool, splitting tool, and so on. You could also add watermarks, number pages, and e-signature. Using these tools could make your work efficient and fast. All the while, you can protect your PDF files from unauthorized access by locking your documents with a password. Here, you will learn how to add passwords to your PDF files.

Locking Your PDF

Adding a password to your PDF files could protect your documents from unwanted, unauthorized access from others. This will help your files to be more secured and safe from being manipulated or copied. Whenever you have password protect PDF files, all your important documents will be inaccessible to other people.

Adding passwords to your PDF files is quick and easy. With PDFBear, you only have to follow these simple steps. The first is to upload your file to PDFBear by selecting or dragging the file. PDFBear will then ask you to give a password; they recommend having a minimum of nine characters, including alphanumeric characters, with a mixed-use of capital letters and signs.


After you have given a password to your PDF files, it will be available for download and now safe from unauthorized access.

Adding Watermarks

Another way to protect your PDF files is by adding watermarks. Watermarks are faded images or texts that are added to the background of your documents. By adding watermarks to your PDF files, it could hardly be copied by others, giving your documents more integrity. 

Adding watermarks to your PDF files with PDFBear is straightforward. All you have to do is upload your file into their system. Then you are given options of either text or image to add to your document. You may also add your own personal watermark. PDFBear will let you edit your watermarks from font style, size, and color. Once everything is ready, your new PDF file will be available for download.

Adding E-signature

To make your documents look formal and personal, you may add your personal electronic signature. When you add an e-signature to your documents, you can avoid the scanning-printing-signing-scanning kind of work. It also proves that the documents you share are yours and could not be copied out by others.

To add an e-signature to your PDF documents. The first is to upload your file into their system, then PDFBear will ask you to add your e-signature. Once you have added your e-signature, the PDF file will be available for download, and you can directly send the documents through email.

PDFBear Other Tools

There numerous tools that you can use for your PDF files. There is a conversion tool where you could turn your documents into a PDF vice versa. There is also a merging tool for you to combine your PDFs into one or the splitting tool where you could separate PDF files into two individual documents. And also a tool where you could add page numbers to your PDF.

You could as well minimize the file size of your PDFs with the compression tool, and you can repair an inoperative PDF file with the Repairing tool. There’s a wide range of tools that you can fully utilize for free anytime while assuring the best quality available for download.

PDFBear Pro Membership

You could subscribe to PDFBear’s Pro Membership, where you could have unlimited access to their tools, unlimited conversion tasks, and simultaneous tasks—all while having unlimited storage space for your files and having a faster upload speed. You could also have priority in technical and customer support.


May it be for work, school, or personal use, PDFBear is always available to protect your PDFs. So you do not have to worry about your PDF getting stolen, copied, or manipulated. You can use this for free anytime and on any device, you can open this on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Given you a stable internet, all you have to do is select the files that you want to secure, and PDFBear will do its job for you—making your work hassle-free, efficient, and smart.


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