Project Management Tips for Gig Workers


Every gig is a new project for a gig worker. Therefore, freelancers and independent contractors are entrepreneurs and their own project managers.

Project managers oversee a task from start to finish. They stay on top of the financials, deadlines, and progress. 

Managers of projects focus on several elements including:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Performance
  • Closing

Let’s look at project management tips for gig workers based on those five elements.


1. Initiation

Several ways to obtain your first gig exist. Some individuals quit their jobs and establish independent shops. They acquire a gig from an old colleague, client, or peer.

Others sign up on gig platforms. These platforms match freelancers with companies and individuals seeking their services. Many platforms process payments, tax information, and facilitate the delivery of the work from the contractor to the client.

A third option is to sign up with services that require gig workers such as rideshare drivers and food deliveries. 

Once you pick your method and find a client, you’ll initiate the project. When you initiate, make yourself available to answer questions about your skills, pay rates, and turnaround time.

Your job is to make a great first impression. To do so, use your superior customer service skills.

2. Planning

When you receive a gig, your next step is to plan how you’re going to complete it. 

For writers, this means setting up an outline. For rideshare drivers, this means finding the best route.

During the planning stage, you find out if you have all the tools you need too. Ensure that you have the right workspace, enough time, and your work equipment. Some gig workers require capital to complete jobs. Thus, double-check that you have the financing.

3. Execution

Gig workers who don’t last long in the field often drop out because they can’t overcome procrastination. As a sole proprietor, you motivate yourself. On the other hand, project managers must motivate a team of individuals with different personalities.

Execution determines how long you’ll last in this labor sector. It also determines your pay.

As a human, you’ll have days when your motivation to work drops close to zero. Find what motivates you daily. Also, find what motivates you to produce high-quality work every time.

4. Performance

Every project that you complete is a new addition to your portfolio. Your portfolio entries give you credibility as a gig worker. 

Performance means delivering quality work on time. When possible, deliver the work earlier.

For a gig worker, performance is almost everything. Performing at a high level determines whether or not the client will hire you again.

To perform, set benchmarks and thresholds for yourself. Understand your abilities and figure out how to go the extra mile. Sometimes the only way to reach this level is to learn from previous projects. Therefore, evaluate past projects and determine if you missed a detail. 

Plus, incorporate client feedback into future work.

Sometimes performance requires resources. You need to remain abreast of the legal, financial, and tax implications of your work. Plus, your health must remain solid. Gigly is a new service that continues rounding up resources for gig workers. Bookmark their site for future reference.

5. Closing

The last step of a project is the closing. A project manager hands in the final product, data, or findings during the closing. For a gig worker, this is the step when you hand over your work. 

As you turn in your deliverables, add a personal touch. Thank the client for working with you. Hand the work into them in a presentable manner. For example, add a cover letter, a short presentation, or ensure that you organize the data in an easily readable manner.

For rideshare gig workers, thank the passenger for riding with you before they hop out of the vehicle. For food delivery contractors, organize the bags in a manner that makes it easy for the recipient to pick them up.

Consider taking the extra step to make your work or service memorable.


Successful gig workers manage their projects in a manner that suits their preferences and personality. As an independent contractor, no one watches over your shoulder or micro-manages your process. The judgment comes when you hand in the final product. Those who want to remain in the gig field must find work routines that work for them. Learn from every gig and build on the experiences.


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