Prank Ideas For A Beginner Prankster

Prank Ideas

You might have seen the exciting world of pranks and other fun things that you want to do yourself: all the funny noises, the laughter, the people thinking that you are so clever. You’re on the right track, buddy! But we understand that sometimes it can get a little bit overwhelming that you don’t know exactly where to start. To be honest with you, there is no formula or a written manual on how to be the best prankster to have ever existed. It’s not an institution; it’s not something that you study in college which has proper metrics to tell you if you are doing good or not. (Though it might be cool to see a school specializing in pranks. In the future, probably, then we will be the first to sign ourselves up!) It’s just something that people do to share laughter with other people. It is not an activity demanding productivity or output. Only if you can quantify enjoyment…

You know what, pranking is not that hard, but it’s not easy either. You just need a few special considerations to have what it takes to be a good prankster. You came to the right place because we will guide you through your first pranks and give you inspirations that you can do to your family and friends. 

Are you ready? Well, you should be!

You cannot anatomize prank as much as you can anatomize a human body, a field of study, or whatever organized entity. But there are a few things in pranking that you should know as a rule of thumb. The things to keep in mind are as follows:

Pranking Tips For Beginners:

1. Practice good timing.

A prank can never be good without good timing; that’s why you should be intuitive enough to know precisely when to strike to get the reaction you want and finish with a successful prank. You might be thinking, “April Fools is probably the best time to make pranks.” It could be true, but did you know that you can prank people all year round with the right timing? You don’t need an occasion or an excuse to pull one. As long as your victims look like they are in the mood to take a practical joke, you are good to go! As we said, intuition is the key to this. So you might want to avoid pranking someone during a difficult period in their life. Like when they lose a loved one, had a miscarriage, or whatever a life event could make someone vulnerable. Just be sensitive enough, and you will be wonderful.


2. Be Resourceful.

Pranks are hinged to creativity in its very essence. That’s why funny people are funny because they are creative! They can play with things around them intuitively and use it to make other people laugh. What a wonderful gift, isn’t it? You can be the same! Because pranks require you to be creative, you just need to work with whatever you have and make the most out of it. For example, you see an empty spray bottle lying around. What do you do with it? You fill it with water and make a loud sneezing sound while your friend is not looking and spray it on a bare part of their body. See? It’s that easy!

3. Know when enough is enough.

A good prankster knows when too much is too much. They understand what pranks will surely gather laughs, and they know precisely what and when pranks are already mean. For example, you have a friend believe in your joke that someone you both know is a part of a cult that kills people. You are into deep that they are already out to tell the police about it. Would you still keep telling them jokes even though you are about to see a fake police report filed right under your nose and have a possible arrest of someone innocent? No, you stop already! As we said, enough is enough. Pranks that harm other people are just terrible, and you want to avoid doing them as much as possible.  

4. Overall, just have fun with it!

Some pranks are well-planned, while some can be spontaneous. It doesn’t matter how long you prepared for it; the whole point of making practical jokes is to have fun and share a good memory with other people. There may be some considerations when doing a good one, but honestly, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Life doesn’t have to be, so why can something as simple as pranks be complex?

Because you are still starting and trying to familiarize yourself with pranking, we listed down five basic prank ideas that you can do right after reading this. It’s so easy you wouldn’t even have to exert so much effort into it and just let yourself have a feel with your first prank!

Beginner-friendly Prank Ideas:

1. Air Horn Prank

Air horn pranks are perfect for beginners because pulling off something humorous doesn’t require too much skill. Its obnoxious honking sound is everything to make a boring situation instantly funny. It’s also so versatile as long as you know how to use it. All you need here is a good air horn that you can buy from novelty stores or even just on the internet. The second and last thing you need to get started with this prank is the help of some friendly strangers on the internet. You can find tutorials on Youtube on properly attaching it anywhere you like. We suggest the following places: behind entrance doors, office chairs, and toilet seats. Sometimes you don’t even need attaching; you can just startle people with it. A must-buy material when you want to get into pranks, in our honest opinion!

2. Prank Calls

If you think of easy pranks that never fail to make people laugh, then prank calls may come to mind. Prank calls have been around forever that even your parents or grandparents have tried at least once in their lives. You may think, “Is calling strangers with a completely traceable number that easy?” Yes, yes it is! And we will explain to you why.

Prank call apps are the new way to make genius prank calls because of the same concerns you might be thinking: easily traced, easily caught, challenging to change voices, etc. Using apps like the Ownage Pranks Prank Call app or Spoof Call App, your calls may seem like a call from different number because they assign you an unknown caller ID to keep your number hidden from your victims. If you still can’t decide on a prank to make, you can always choose from their selection of pre-made prank scripts that professional actors perform. If you just want to get the hang of this pranking fun, pranks calls are the best way to go using only your phone!

3. Fake Bug Prank

Everybody hates creepy crawlies for some reason. You can use this to your advantage! Just print and cut out a few realistic-looking roaches, bugs, or even flies to place under lamps. When opened at night and the creepy crawlies reveal themselves, you can delight yourself in observing your victim’s disgusted or even mortified expression! This is not limited to lamps. If you feel extra and have some extra change to spare, you can get 3-dimensional ones made of rubber or plastic that you can just leave anywhere you like. If you know someone terrified of bugs, this might be the most memorable prank you can do as a first-timer.

4. Switching Condiments Prank

Your mom might get mad at you for this, but don’t tell us we didn’t warn you! All you need to do is switch table sugar with salt and vice versa. You can also try this with other condiments like pepper with cayenne. The other switches work best with opaque containers so that no one can see the difference at first glance. In doing this, make sure anyone who will use it is in a good mood and could take a joke! Because if they’re going to add sugar to their coffee but get a disgustingly salty taste instead of hurting their taste buds, we will understand it if they get cranky! But it’s fun, though, isn’t it?

You can make it up to the head of your kitchen by helping it look prettier! You can check out ten clever tricks that can turn any kitchen into a stylish one here. 

5. Mouse Tape Prank

Whether you want to mess with your work colleagues or your gamer brother, this can make an epic prank even the first time around! Just fetch a piece of tape and cover the sensor below their mouse. Ensure the entire area is covered thinly and smoothly so as not to create friction when moved around, making them immediately suspicious. They’d be so confused as to why the cursor isn’t working. Some people even try to unplug and plug it again just to hope it would work as you hide your vicious giggles in a corner. 

Are you excited about your first prank? Good! We are just excited as you are now that you know how to do it properly. Just keep in mind everything we said here, and you will be just fine. We can’t wait for you to try funnier pranks in the future! Good luck, and happy pranking!


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