PDFBear Guide: How To Effectively Remove An Encrypted Password In Your Portable Document Format or PDF

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Suppose you are handling online documents daily. You might already have encountered the need to remove an encrypted password in your Portable Document Format or PDF. However, modifying your PDF file might be a burden because of the features embedded in a PDF file, making it difficult to change.

A PDF file is built to have one of the most reliable and trustworthy document formats to secure the most critical information inside your document. It also has a distinct feature that allows your document to be displayed the same way you want it even if you open it on different platforms, devices, and browsers.

Having said all of that, we are led into an assumption that a PDF file is one of the most challenging document formats to modify. However, in today’s generation, you can simply change a PDF file and remove its encrypted password with ease. All you need to have is an online converter tool to help you modify your PDF file.

Online Converter Tool To Use For Your Online Documents

You will need to use an online converter tool to remove an encrypted password in your PDF file. PDFBear is one of the most recommended online tools by many individuals that you should try using for modifying your online document. You can also be benefiting from using other online tools from their platform.


They are famous for the online tools that allow the user to convert their document into a PDF file and convert from PDF file to another document format. However, as you browse through their website, you can also use various online tools like eSign PDF, Add Watermark, Number Pages, Share Document, PDF Reader, Unlock PDF, Protect PDF, and more.

Having all of the online tools you might need for your PDF file located in a single platform is an excellent advantage for you to do all your activities. From now on, you don’t need to visit multiple platforms to modify your PDF file for the better. Try to spend your time reading through their platform, and you might learn new things about getting your PDF file better.

Things You Should Have Before Modifying Your PDF File

When you are modifying your PDF file with PDFBear, you will need various things to have in your possession or accessible. The first thing you should have is a decent connection to the internet. You will need a good and reliable internet connection to avoid your document’s events getting corrupted or damaged.

Your document can get damaged or corrupted when it is interrupted while you are uploading or downloading your document into/from their system. It would be best if you also kept in mind that you will need to have a great connection to have a quicker upload and download speed. This can also be vital in the rate of processing your document from their platform.

The next thing you should have is your own choice of device. You can choose any device you want to use as long as it can connect to the internet and store your PDF file in its storage space. If you have a decent internet speed, preferred device, and the PDF file itself, you are good to go for a conversion journey with PDFBear.

How To Use The Online Tool Unlock PDF From PDFBear

The first thing you should do is have a quick visit to the webpage of PDFBear. As soon as you enter into their website, various online tools will be displayed on their homepage to choose the online tool you will need. All of the online tools are appropriately arranged to quickly find the online tool that you will need for your online document.

Click on the online tool you want to use, and you will be transferred to a new page. On this new page that you are assigned, you can follow the step-by-step instruction given to you to use the online tool that you have clicked. Here is an example of the instruction from their platform on removing encrypted passwords in your PDF file.

  • Choose the file that you want to modify.
  • Enter the password you want to put.
  • Click “Unlock PDF.”
  • Please wait for your newly decrypted PDF file and download it into your storage. 


Removing an encrypted password in your PDF file can lead to significant benefits, which is in line with the convenience of accessing multiple numbers of PDF files. You can save your time and effort going through every PDF file.


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