Pawanmuktasana Yoga And its Benefits.


Wherever air stops in the body, pain starts and blood circulation gets interrupted, due to which the disorder starts spreading in the body. Pawanmuktasana is a simple and very easy yoga  asana that works to remove air from the body and help your blood to circulate properly. 

What is Pawanmuktasana? 

Practicing through Pawanmuktasana yoga, the body is emptied from the flatulence, so this asana is called ‘Pawanmuktasana’.

The problem of flatulence is very common and often people get embarrassed while passing flatulence. But you don’t need to be embarrassed,  it’s a natural body process. But if it is not treated in time, it can become the cause of many illnesses and sometimes it can also be a reason for heart attack. 

Causes of flatulence 

  • Eating without hunger or hungerless eating 
  • Incorrect food combination
  • Gas causing food items 
  • stress, worry, depression, and fears  
  • Strong allopathic and ayurvedic medicines 
  • Lack of sleep and exercises
  • Hereditary 
  • Constipation 

All these reasons are sources of illness like- 

  • Body ache, headache, backache, stomach ache, 
  • Sudden painfulness in cancer patients, 
  • Restlessness, sleep full of nightmares, 
  • Diarrhea, 
  • Arthritis
  • Heart attack
  • Burning and pain in the chest
  • Vertigo, high blood pressure 
  • Unnatural hunger
  • Passing of flatus
  • Hernia 
  • Bloatedness
  • Not feeling hungry 
  • Burps  

Pawanmuktasana Benefits –

  • Constipation is eliminated by doing this asana.
  • The joints of the spine are strong and flexible.
  • Disorders of the lungs and heart are overcome.
  • It is useful to remove abdominal fat and obesity.
  • It makes the neck bone strong.
  • The practice of this asana improves the speed of your air. The stomach excretes the stomach and the stomach is light. And being downward, the anus exits without pain.
  • There is no outbreak of air in any part of the body.

Pawanmuktasana steps

  • Combine both legs lying on your back, bend the right leg and bring the knee to the chest, the second leg will remain absolutely straight and stretched outward. 
  • Inhale, press the right leg and abdomen, and chest with both hands.
  • Wait a few moments. Keep in mind that when inhaled and press the knee on the chest and abdomen, keep the head on the ground, only then the posture will be done properly, otherwise, the air will not be out of the body.
  • Then exhale through the nasal knee and stop for a while. There will be no laxity in the body, head back while inhaling and feet back while exhaling.
  • Now do the same action from the left leg. Then inhale and press both knees in the arms, taking the breath out for a few moments, and take the nasal tube between the knees. Stayed in this position for some time. 


  • In this posture, lying on the back, the leg is bent from the knee to the chin. 
  • While lying down, the body should be straight. 
  • While doing the asana, the head should remain towards the east. 
  • Do not put too much weight on the stomach by bending the legs.  

The time period for practicing Pawanmuktasana – 

Simply stay as long as you can in this situation. After resting, you can repeat this action.

Pawanmuktasana precautions

  • Do not do this asana if you have high blood pressure.
  • Do not perform this asana in heart disease.
  • This asana should not be done in hernia and hyperpigmentation.
  • Women should avoid this asana in menstruation.
  • If there is any problem with the neck or waist, do not do this asana.
  • Do not do this asana even after the third month of pregnancy. Women should not do this asana after conception. 

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