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PDF Files

PDF files are an essential file format. Versatile and easy to use, PDF files are found just about anywhere, whether it be on a blog page, in social media, and any other similar online platforms. Consequently, a PDF file must be readable, is of excellent quality, and is accessible. 

High-quality PDF files can be achieved through GoGoPDF. Enabling its users to add watermarks, add page numbers, and make edits to their PDF files, it’s impossible to go wrong with GoGoPDF. Granting the ability to beautify, organize, and convert any and all PDF files, here are five tools from GoGoPDF guaranteed to make your life easier and more productive. 

Add Watermark Tool 

Nowadays, plagiarism and unauthorized sharing of content is a massive problem for many creators. GoGoPDF’s Add Watermark to PDF tool ensures that ownership of a PDF file is claimed and that the author of a PDF file is credited through the use of a watermark. 

A crucial tool for not only crediting but also for proving authenticity, this tool is very convenient. 


Due to GoGoPDF’s excellent user interface, this tool provides a streamlined and straightforward process. To begin, drop your PDF file into the designated section or select it directly from the folder, then type in your watermark or drop an image and select the watermark position. Next, click on the Add Watermark button, wait for GoGoPDF to process it, and you’re finished.   

PDF Editor Tool 

Another tool with excellent utility, the PDF Editor Tool, is crucial to your working process. It enables you to add or delete both texts and images as you desire. Not only that, but this tool also grants you the ability to make freehand annotations and drawings, making it a comprehensive tool for not only managing text and images but also for drawings and things of the like. 

Extremely easy to use, the first step is, of course, to pick your PDF file and drop it onto the designated section or select it from a file folder. GoGoPDF will process your document for a moment, and then you can make the necessary changes to your PDF file. Once you’re content, save your changes, share your PDF file with others, or download it to your device. 

Compress PDF Tool 

Often, PDF files may be too big to the point that it slows down the sharing or downloading process. This problem is remedied by GoGoPDF’s Compress PDF Tool as it sizes a PDF file down to the ideal size for file sharing. Providing users with a faster downloading and sharing process, this tool is essential. It is as convenient as the other tools. 

The first step to any PDF file editing process is to upload your PDF file. Before you can compress your PDF file, you must first upload it to GoGoPDF’s servers by selecting it from your file folder or dropping it onto the designated area. GoGoPDF will automatically start the compression process. After this, you are free to enjoy your compressed PDF file. 

Number Pages Tool 

The Number Pages Tool that GoGoPDF has enables its users to add page numbers to their PDF files without breaking a sweat. Like the tools mentioned above, this is extremely easy to use and lets you organize your PDF files. First, you must upload your PDF file to GoGoPDF’s servers. 

Secondly, choose which part of the page you want your page number to appear. Once you have decided on the location, save all changes. After saving all changes, you are now free to enjoy your numbered PDF file and share it with others through email or a link, or simply download it onto your device. 

Repair PDF Tool 

Just like with anything else, PDF files can get damaged and corrupted. In situations like these, GoGoPDF comes in clutch with their Repair PDF Tool. This tool enables users to restore damaged and corrupted PDF files back to their original state in just a few minutes. Hassle-free and easy to use, this tool is straightforward and reliable. 

To repair a corrupted PDF file, upload the corrupted file to the Repair PDF page. GoGoPDF will automatically begin the restoration process, so all you have to do is wait as GoGoPDF repairs your PDF file. Once the file is repaired, you are now free to enjoy it and share it with others through a link or download it on your device. 


GoGoPDF isn’t just a reliable file conversion website. Offering services that enable its users to make changes to and repair their PDF files, GoGoPDF is your one-stop website for any and all needs related to PDF files. Providing its users with streamlined, straightforward, and high-quality processing, GoGoPDF is perfect for all your needs. 


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