Nuclear weapon tier list


Every country in the world has their own military. The number of weapons they have, where they are, and what type of things they can do varies wildly. 

So to put it all in perspective, you need to think about what weapon tier level a country is. 

This article will cover the different types of weapons that countries use to see how strong their military is compared to others around the globe.

This article will be divided into three parts covering nuclear throne weapon tier list 1-5 respectively. 


These tiers are ranked by strength in ascending order with one being the weakest and five being the strongest.

Tier 1- 5 ( Nuclear Weapon classifications )

As stated above, this article will cover the different types of weapons around the world. 

These are very vague regarding their effective ranges and effectiveness on any particular type of armament. 

This is because of their different purposes and applications, not because they are overpowered or useless.

This is divided into three categories: short range, medium range, and long range tiers respectively with one being the weakest and five being the strongest. 

This gives more weight to weapons that may not be extremely lethal but can still do damage to a country. This will lessen or eliminate nuclear weapons at the top 5 tiers as they are too powerful for any possible application.

Short Range Tier- 1 

Nuclear weapons of this tier can be used almost anywhere without any issues. These are very easy to build and use even in the hands of an absolute beginner. They do not require any type of technical knowledge or special training to be able to use it. 

It’s like nuclear hand grenades that anyone can use. This is the most common type of weapon used by all countries around the world. 

It is useful for multiple different purposes, one of which is intended for decapitation purposes, but this article will not cover that kind of application here.

Medium Range Tier- 2 

These are designed for military forces. They are used mainly to defend bases, cities, and larger areas by having either short or medium range capability. 

These are not very easy to build or use by inexperienced users. They are also hard to move around because these weapons are large and bulky. 

This is where nuclear artillery comes in handy, because they can be deployed around cities quickly to defend them from physical threats. 

The downside of these weapons is that they take a long time before they become ready to attack so they may have a limited time to use it before it has degraded.

Long Range Tier- 3 

These are nuclear weapons that are intended to be used outside of the country’s borders. 

They are usually launched from aircraft, ships, or an army’s own country. 

These are the most difficult weapons to build and use. 

Not only does the user have to know exactly how it works, but they also need special training in order to enter combat situations with it. 

This is because these weapons can only be used in dangerous environments that require specific equipment or total isolation from others around them.

The reason for this is because these weapons often contain radiation that can harm the environment around them and other people besides their intended targets. 

They can even kill multiple people just by being near them. 

Because of this, the user must know how to use it extremely well or it will end up becoming more dangerous than the threat they were trying to defend against.

Remote Tier- 4 

These are nuclear weapons that are intended to be used by non-combatants in order to deploy them without having any real training with them. 

This is usually done by people who are extremely dangerous or unable to do any harm directly, so they need someone else to do their dirty work for them. 

This simply means that there is no limit on who can use these weapons and what kind of person might have access to them.

There is a reason why this type of weapon is at the top in the nuclear tier list. If a non-combatant ever got a hold of one of these weapons, there would be no stopping them from destroying the entire world. 

All they have to do is find a safe place to hide and detonate it far enough away to not get hurt themselves yet still close enough for everyone including themselves to die from the nuclear explosion.

The only way this can be avoided from happening is if they were used before all combat situations had been cleared up and people had returned to their normal routines.


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