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a group of professors and doctors are working hard to find new solutions to promote the health of sailors, sailors, and fishermen in port town Newport News. They’ve been working since the 1930s to develop a device that allows those people to keep on the water long enough for the tide to be out. The new technology is being developed by 23 clinicians from North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and other cities and counties in both North and South Carolina. They are looking forward to testing this device in a meeting with Navy officials at the port this week. This device will help sailors who want to stay on board their boats as long as possible while still safe from foul weather.

A small new health news website in a tiny little town in the north-western USA. This business focus on a variety of topics including, but not limited to: Health and fitness, gastric health, weight loss, depression, public speaking and more. Every two weeks they publish some kind of updated article and it’s worth checking out for those who like to stay up to date with the latest in healthcare news.



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