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My friend and I were reminiscing about our first date. We both thought the same thing; we wanted to buy a house together and we were both sure we’d be able to afford it. We didn’t know what we wanted it for, but we knew we were both excited to start thinking about the “what”.

We had to start off with a question to ourselves. You know the one I mean. What do you want to do with your life? I had to start from the beginning. I had no idea what I wanted my life to be. If I’m honest with myself, at first, I didnt want to be a politician. I’d rather be a poet. I’d rather be a chef. I’d rather be a doctor.

I was already a painter, so the idea of a career as a politician was very appealing to me. I never thought it would actually be a thing I would do, but it was a very exciting idea. If you’re really honest with yourself, then you’ll probably agree that I was also very excited about the idea of being a poet. I like to think that I could write poetry, but it would have to be in the form of notes.

Writing poetry is not a new thing, but the term has evolved a little in recent years. Nowadays, there is a “professional” writing that you can buy, often called a “publication.” Not only that, but there is a whole industry of poets who sell their work online, and I’m one of them.


In 2012, I started a blog called “my fab finance.” I thought it would be fun to write an article about the things that make people financially successful, the same way that I would write an article on the things that make me successful. In fact, I still consider myself to be one of those people.

Basically, I use this blog to write about the things that make me successful, and to talk about things that make people successful.

I’m not actually a business person. I just really like to blog about things that make me happy, and I hope my articles are entertaining, insightful, and hopefully, entertaining to someone who is already reading a blog.

The finance blog is one of those things where the financial world is so very different from the tech world. It’s a very creative field with so many different perspectives. It’s a field where a person can be so passionate about something and yet still be able to do something that makes them so very successful.

While I may not have money to burn I do have money to spare. I have a ton of the things that I love, to the point where I would never consider spending any money on anything else.


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