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Oil Change Alexandria VA:

Did you make out that over time, the oil in your car breaks down and becomes tainted with dust, dirt, and remains from the engine as well as the surroundings? When that happens, oil can’t appropriately do its job. That’s why normal oil changes are critical to ensuring your car continues to run enormous and to avoid pricey repairs down the road. We offer top quality oil changes and oil filter replacements at supreme prices, in addition to our supplementary auto repair services and tires. Schedule an appointment for your next Oil Change Alexandria VA now! LandMark Sunoco is proud to be your local auto repair service and oil transform expert.

Regular oil and filter changes are very significant to the life of your engine. Why? The right oil helps keep your vehicle’s engine clean, reduces overall wear, and maximizes its recital. Keep reading to find out more regarding the benefits your vehicle receives with customary oil changes and the problems that can happen if you put them off for too long. If you have any questions, don’t be uncertain to contact us! If you know you’re due for an oil change, plan a service appointment with us now. We present premium tire brands, aftermarket car parts, and trimmings and you can obtain your Oil Change Alexandria VA or schedule repair services online.

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What Happens When You Skip Oil Changes?

If engine oil and filters are not replaced on a standard, reliable basis, it can lead to lots of issues down the road.

Heat and Friction — The foremost issue that can take place is the engine and all its components get too hot devoid of appropriate lubrication. This causes the parts to warp and exhaust. If you go too long without new oil, the metal-on-metal friction can heat-weld internal surfaces, interpret the engine useless, and engine replacements are not contemptible!


 Death by Dirt — Another significant reason you want to revive the oil in your vehicle is the accretion of dirt. Over time, you will inexorably pick up some particulates from the inside of the engine causing the oil to get filthy. Your oil filter will ensure this for a while but will ultimately wear out as well and cease implementation. This causes the oil to be broad and harsh on the engine, leading to the same heat death mentioned before. The good news, of course, is that an engine oil and oil filter change done appropriately is quick, is cheap, and can assist your engine run unstressed for hundreds of thousands of miles.

How Often Should I Get My Oil Changed?

Every vehicle Car Repair Alexandria VA carries out differently, so there’s not a single guiding rule for oil change intervals. In general, most manufacturers commend you change your oil every few thousand miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. Newer models can go longer involving oil changes, however. To observe your detailed models recommended oil change intervals, you can always see your vehicle’s owner’s manual or ask one of our service experts. Your dashboard oil light is also a display of when your oil should be changed.

What If I linger also long Between Oil Changes?

Putting off an Oil Change Alexandria VA may not appear like a gigantic deal – but it can cost you if you disregard it for too long. The longer you wait to vary your oil, the risk of possible engine damage increases. Over time, the oil in your engine will gather dirt and dust particles which can result in heat and friction upsurge in your engine. If not treated untimely, your vehicle could end up needing some valuable repairs. Maintaining clean oil in your engine makes sure appropriate lubrication and performance. We also offer a huge assortment of name-brand tires and other excellent auto repair services. Why go anywhere else? Give us a call or schedule your next service appointment online today. At LandMark Sunoco, we go above and further to provide the responsive, well-informed service you expect!


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