Modern Decorative Pieces You’ll Love in the New Year


A new year means a fresh opportunity to spruce up your home’s interior design. Plus, interior designers and manufacturers are always ready to show off their new lines, decorative pieces, and styles.

Vogue predicts that open floor plans will remain in favor. Southern Living believes that more individuals will go bold in 2022. In addition, the modern interior design trend is set to keep its place among the most desired.

If you love the modern interior design theme or want to try it out, 2022 is a great year to do so. 

Characteristics of modern interior design include:

  • Clean lines
  • Monochromatic color schemes
  • Natural light
  • Minimalism

Think uncluttered, unadorned, and high-end. You can achieve it in your space by obtaining a few key decorative pieces to start.

Let’s look at seven modern decorative pieces you’ll love in the new year.

1. Sculptures

When you decorate your space, it’s your opportunity to integrate your style, preferences, and personality. You’ll love adding at least one sculpture to your bedroom, dining room, or living area.

Available in several sizes and shapes, sculptures bring elegance, abstract art, and a talking piece into the fold. Even if you purchase your sculpture from the mass market, it’s possible to find a unique piece. 

For example, consider adding a small thinking man, set of sphere figures, or letter blocks to your bookshelf, mantle, or side table.

2. Books

Books will never go out of style. When you walk into an accountant, lawyer, or doctor’s office, they often have sets of beautiful bound books resting on the shelves.

These books have lots of useful information within their pages. They also double as modern decorative pieces. Other individuals collect first edition books on topics they enjoy. Thus, they become an investment. 

The books can sit on the shelf; you can read them too. A big selling point is that many gain more value while sitting on the shelf.

3. Vases

Decorating with modern pieces means picking up furnishings that have a function too. Even if you don’t purchase fresh flowers often, vases look beautiful when full and empty.

Available in different sizes, pick from clear or opaque colors. In addition, pick from glass, plastic, or stone materials. Purchase them in a set or singles. 

4. Lighting

Every home and space benefits from proper lighting. Before electricity became standard in homes, lighting was a luxury. The citizenry had to complete their chores before the sunset. Plus, the homes’ architecture optimized the amount of natural light the indoors received.

In 2022, individuals can create moods, ambiance, and highlights with modern lighting. Lamps, sconces, and candles help light the evening hours. For daytime, make use of your windows by keeping them lightly dressed.

5. Rugs

Rugs continue picking up steam across interior design styles and homes. Tapestries protect hardwood and natural stone floors. They absorb extreme cold and hot temperatures; they can also absorb sound. 

When you place a rug pad underneath them, the tapestry keeps its shape and luster longer. Rugs remain works of art in their own right.

To gain a perspective on the types of rugs on the market, view the inventory available from Lawrence of La Brea.

6. Bowls

Small decorative bowls offer practical places to store your keys, loose change, and wallet. 

Like vases, decorative bowls are available in glass, plastic, and natural stone materials. You’ll find them in several shapes and colors. Bowls become simple and cost-effective decorative pieces, especially if you plan to lay out a few throughout your home.

7. Art

Before you purchase your modern decorative pieces, take some time to browse the offerings in-person and online. Art is subjective. Whether you have an eye for it or not, using one piece as a modern decorative touch brings a wall and space to life.

The year 2022 will continue to see some abstract art shapes in neutral pallets sold in home furnishings and designer stores. You can also commission a piece from a friend in the art space or a new artist.


The new year is a cause for celebration. It ushers in an opportunity for renewal. It’s a great time to refresh your home’s interior design. If you’re not ready for a new theme, pick up a few modern decorative pieces that you’ll love in the new year. 


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