MIDI Dress: The Perfect Addition to Your Wardrobe

MIDI Dress

New cloth vogue pops out now and then. A lot of people would want to try the latest fashion on board. But many others will stick to their classic dress collection. They feel clothes must meet their comfort and not the trend. But be it for fashion or comfort, it is undeniable that midi dresses can fit in for anyone. But not many people have a good collection of these fabulous dresses. Though midis aren’t new to the world, they are still in the top five best clothing styles list. 

How Did They Get Their Name?

Midis usually stand between a full dress and a knee-length one. Which says they are longer than the knee but are not maxi dresses. They fall somewhere near the calf or mid-calf, to be precise. And that’s why they got their name to be ‘Midi’.

These clothes have been in use since the early nineties. And still, they have never been pushed to the out of fashion box. One main reason is that, unlike many other clothes, midis can go well for any climate type. For hot summers, those cotton printed midis can be a perfect option. And winters can have those velvet midis with the classic jacket. They also match any occasion, be it formal or informal there, are always great options to pick.

Why Is Midi a Closet Essential?

For any woman, adult or teenager out there, a midi dress is a closet essential. Here is why.

  • Great Options to Pick From

Like already told, midis offer a wide range of options to pick out. They give one choice for the texture, colour and even the design. There are both solid and printed midis, and both of them are quite a closet essential! They also come in numerous varieties these days like,

  • Midi wrap dresses usually have a tie at the waist area so they can fit even one move to the next size, eventually! But the actual purpose is to adjust how tight one wants the midi to be.
  • On the other hand, the bodycon midi is tight and fits the body perfectly.
  • The full sleeve midis come with a long sleeve and maybe up to the elbow or the wrist usually. One can also pick a sleeveless type. The Bardot midi is an off-shoulder type and is now prevalent in parties and wedding eves.
  • New Looks With Different Add Ons

The midis, especially the solid colours, give a new look every time one wears it. This is possible by picking suitable add ons like a jacket for the first time and a belt for another. It helps to cut off some money buying new clothes for an event. Midi is not just for one-time wear. So getting a midi dress will make sure that they do not reside in the closet sleeping forever!

Ways to Style a Midi Dress

A plain midi can be the ideal minimal wear. But styling it with the right accessories helps it get along with the occasion. Some tips to it are,

  • The footwear can be either heels or a nice piece of shoes that match the shade of the midi. Black or white footwear usually goes well with any colour.
  • Adding jewellery like a necklace and earring drops can make that simple wear great for parties.
  • A denim jacket would be the perfect add on for almost all midi types. One can also pick other jackets that can complement the dress.

Thus, midi dresses can be the best pick for any occasion to get that impressive and cool look ever!


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