Master The Art Of Minecraft With These 8 Tips


When Minecraft was first released in 2009, it exploded in popularity. While the game is now only one of the many on offer, it’s still got a dedicated following and gamers who play to this day. But with so much to learn and do, a lot of people need some help getting started or they get stuck on a particular hurdle. If this sounds like you, don’t worry! I’ve compiled eight tips that will make mastering Minecraft easier than ever before. How to get research notes in thaumcraft?

8 Tips to master the art of minecraft are:

1. Know your limits

While Minecraft can be tremendously fun, you should also know when to stop and recognise when you’ve had enough. Having too much fun and playing for too long will lead to burnout and discontent, thus killing the fun aspect of the game completely. Therefore, it’s very important to recognise when you’ve reached your limit. In order to do this, try not to spend more than a few hours of playtime on a single activity at any one time. Also, try to alternate between crafting, exploring and doing quests. 

2. Know your Minecraft world

If you’re new to Minecraft, it’s highly recommended that you play the game whilst on one of the multiplayer servers. A lot of people who quit on YouTube due to reasons such as lag or disconnecting often discover this when they buy their own copy of the game. Therefore, before buying your copy and playing straight away, it’s useful to know if there are any servers in your area. If there are, then you can choose to rent a server or host one yourself.

Having a server means that 10% of all server money goes directly into an owner’s bank account. This can be used for improving the server and building up a more thriving community around it.


3. Build a shelter or a home

As you explore the world and mine various materials, you will inevitably need to go back to your home base. If you don’t have one, then it’s very easy to get lost in Minecraft and start wandering around aimlessly. Therefore, it’s important that you kind of have a home base before starting. This can be anything from a small house or even a simple workshop, whatever your imagination and budget can afford.

4. Download the mod pack for Minecraft 1.4

There is a huge amount of hacks available for Minecraft that add new features to the game such as the ability to walk through walls or fly through the air using just an item in your pocket . Many of these features are free to download but some require you to pay for a subscription. However, thanks to Modpacks by the people who developed the game, you can download these features free of charge. This is a great way of extending the lifespan of Minecraft whilst also introducing new content into your game.

5. Join different Minecraft servers

If you’re only interested in playing on one particular server or group of servers, then this option is not for you. However, if you want to try out a different server then you will find that there are many options available . Some of these servers cater for specific groups of players such as active griefers or people who enjoy socializing. You can also find servers dedicated to first person or third person players or even servers for different races such as humans and skeletons .

6. Buy a Minecraft book

If you’re looking for an additional way to get started in Minecraft, then you might want to consider purchasing a book on the subject. The two best selling books on Minecraft are written by Notch himself: Mods : The biggest Minecraft mods ranked and Top 10 Minecraft Mods

7. Play Minecraft on your mobile

There are many ways to play Minecraft other than a desktop computer. If you have a smartphone then you can play it on your phone and also carry it with you when away from home. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying expensive games, or even gaming consoles or consoles at all. You can download the game and play on the go whilst traveling to work, taking the kids to school or doing any number of other things.

8. Learn how to cook

This is probably one of the most underrated skills needed in Minecraft. The ability to cook things is extremely useful and makes life much easier in general, especially when exploring or surviving outside in Minecraft. There are thousands of different combinations and recipes that you can use to create food, cakes and even alcoholic drinks. So learning how to cook is one of the most important tips to master Minecraft.


So there you have it – 8 simple tips that will help you learn how to master Minecraft in no time at all. Not only will these tips improve your Minecraft skills but they will also help you cure any long-term boredom or weariness caused by playing the game for too long. Starting with these 8 simple tips should get you started on a path of discovery and learning which will ultimately lead to the enjoyment level of the game rising dramatically.


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