Master The Art Of Gif With These 8 Tips


If you’ve been avoiding making a GIF like happy birthday brother in law gif for your next Youtube caption, on the off chance that it might be more difficult than you anticipated, fear not. Presenting these 8 tips to help you master the art of gifs.

8 tips to start making gifs are:

1. Choose the best images:

You have to choose the right image that captures the exact moment. It could be a funny high five or a cute reaction or just a crazy face you made in the moment. Images have a higher chance of being shareable than videos. They are also faster to load and play, which is great for people with slow internet connections. Twitter and tumblr are great sites to find gifs for your use.

2. Make sure that the images sync well:

If you have a lot of images, it can be difficult to get your gif to fit in a certain space. You could either trim down the images or crop them in before you put them into your gif. In GIF creation, you need to make sure that all the image parts display as one sequence. When it stops showing up well then go back and rework on it until it does. Sometimes you may have to insert more frames or delete some of them if they do not seem to sync well together.

3. Use compression software:

Most of the time, you will be using high quality images for creating GIFs as it is supposed to be with its high resolution that fills the entire frame. You wouldn’t want to see a huge file format making use of large spaces so instead, you should use compression software in order to reduce image size without losing much on quality. You can also play around with different settings until you find the best one that works for the gif.


4. Plan your timeline:

Try to plan out of duration for each image. This will make it easier to work on the gif and determine how it would look like in a loop. You need to know how long is each frame going to take place before actually moving on with GIF creation otherwise it might end up taking more time than intended. If you do not plan properly, the GIF might turn out looking too fast or slow.

5. Make sure that the size is right:

The size of each frame is very important as this will determine how it will look when played. If the gif looks stretched out then you will have to look for a different image or just go back and rework on it until it has the right size. A good idea would be to have a smaller image of your GIF on the timeline first before increasing it. If you fail to do so, then the image may end up being too large and you will need to work on it again until it shrinks down to a proper size. It’s better off doing so than having a large file with no use at all.

6. Make use of text layers:

Taking advantage of text as opposed to some images can be of great assistance. When you create a GIF, you can insert text into it by clicking on and dragging them straight into the frame. You will then be able to edit the same whenever needed. In order to make your GIF really stand out, adding text into it can be a great help in doing so. Using text layers can also be a good idea since you may have trouble finding the appropriate fonts, colors, and sizes to go with the gif. You can then use the text tool to place it on your gif.

7. Add HTML tags:

In order to make the file align without going off, make sure that you add HTML tags at the beginning of each frame. You will be able to see a horizontal bar appear at the beginning and end of each animation. You can add HTML tags in your GIF such as: <br> for line break and <img> for adding images

8. Use timing tools:

Looking at the time stamps that each GIF has can give you some good ideas on where to place certain images. Though it may not always be accurate since timing is not always done perfectly but it can still be helpful. You need to consider using timing tools so that the outcome of your GIF will be as accurate as possible, especially when playing online. You should also note that all this rests on how well you plan, choose, and do all the instructions above which will make or break your gif.


GIF creation is a great way to share your message and can easily be done using image editing software. But, it’s always important to remember that it takes time and patience to make one correctly. If you follow all of these tips, you will know that creating a gif is not as complicated as it looks.


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