Malazhar ult cooldown

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Ultimates are meant to be powerful, game-changing abilities. But what happens when an ultimate is far too powerful, much to the frustration of players? 

This is exactly what has happened with Stukov’s Malzahar ult, which renders it impossible for the enemy team to push the payload anymore. 

With this ult, Stukov can completely lockdown the map and restrict all movement options for his enemies.

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We’ll review how long it takes to cool down on Malzhar Ult and how long it takes your teammates to react after you input commands for Ultimates in Heroes of the Storm.

Malzhar Ult Cooldown: How long does it take to cool down?

Stukov’s Malzhar ult has a 15-second cooldown, which is quite a lot shorter than the other ultimates in the game. 

This ultimate cooldown is a good thing in some cases, but when you know what you’re going to use it for in the long run, it makes the hero ridiculously overpowered.

The short cooldown on this ultimate means that players can spam Ultimates constantly and constantly harass or push lanes with them for constantly strong pushes throughout the match.

Here are some more points discussed about Malzhar ult Cooldown-

1. Stukov can suddenly teleport anywhere after ulting.

There was a period in Stukov’s game where he would suddenly teleport instantly, wherever he wanted. 

His ultimate broke the game and the enemy team couldn’t reach the payload at all. Of course, this can be fixed by disabling his ultimate or just simply not using it in the case of a stationary push.

It would also be possible to have brief pauses between each ult, so that nobody can take advantage of the ease with which he can teleport to any spot in the map.

2. Malzhar Ultimate is broken because players can’t push payloads anymore

Even when Stukov’s team was at high ground, players could easily leave the payload alone and roll away from the enemy heroes trying to kill them. 

This means that they are free to roam around without consequence. It also means that payloads can be attacked from multiple angles at once, making it much harder for the enemy team to push the payload when they want to.

This ultimate is a big problem because when you have a team which is high-grounded in a fight, you become unstoppable.

 You could easily use your ult in 3 or 4 different ways in a match and then end up winning rounds with minimal effort. 

This makes it extremely difficult for players to deal with this ult even if they managed to take down Stukov during his ult.

3. A long cooldown on Malzhar ult makes sense

Stukov’s Malzhar ult has a 15-second cooldown, which is quite short for an ultimate. 

This means it can be spammed throughout the match and unless teams are doing something very drastic, it will be absolutely hard to come back in the game. 

This completely breaks the meta of Heroes of the Storm and makes Stukov an ultimate nightmare for players on both sides.

4. A long cooldown on Malzhar ult is no good either

Some people also think that a longer cooldown on this particular ultimate would make heroes like Stukov more balanced. 

They claim that an ultimate can be used just as much as you want, but after a certain period of time, it would start behaving as if it is on cooldown.

This is true. But what we can see here is what we recently talked about; we have a powerful and powerful skill and we need to make sure that the meta keeps up with it. 

This ult is absolutely broken and we need to make sure that this ult only makes the game more interesting and not one-sided and overpowered like right now.

5. The cooldown of Stukov’s ultimate is a good thing for the enemy team

A 10 second cooldown on Stukov’s ultimate would be a perfect balance, as long as you’re on the side of the enemy team. 

This way, you can constantly pressure him and his team with your abilities and group fights or skirmishes. 

You also have a window of about 2 seconds to death to prevent an enemy from using this ultimate before your actions are completely canceled out by it.

There is a balance between trying to overpower Malzhar ult and keeping it balanced so that players can use their ultimates effectively throughout the match.

6. It is the responsibility of the player to use ultimates effectively

Some players argue about how bad it is when you have a powerful ultimate and it is broken. But this isn’t the only problem with these kinds of ultimates. 

In fact, it is more often than not, the fault of players on their respective teams for not using said ultimate correctly for a certain situation in a match. This makes the character feel more powerful than they actually are.


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