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leaves, autumn, season @ Pixabay is a social news website dedicated to the female gender, in particular those who identify as Latina or Latinx. We bring you stories and news about Latina, Latin American, and Chicano women from different points on our country’s history and present. This site will never be a “Sin City,” but rather a place where we showcase what we love about her because it is who she is and why she loves it. news forum is the largest interactive news and discussion forum in the world. Encouraging people to share their life experiences, share thoughts, and answer questions. Keep up to date with women’s movements globally and the most important issues facing women around the world through an online community of over 350,000 women online. The majority of these posts are about feminism, but there is also time for news about health and politics. is an exclusive news round up and entertainment forum for the fashion industry. The news that we speak of in this blog is found on our website, which each week is updated with eight separate articles covering every aspect of the fashion industry. This site will provide us with the greatest amount of information to keep our readers informed about a wide variety of topics and styles within this un-filtered category. ..besides all the usual fashion related stuff I have posted here recently..



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