Think You’re Cut Out for Doing jalshamoviez.o rg? Take This Quiz


This is the story of a young girl who had the opportunity to take a gap year between finishing her masters at university and starting her first job. She made an absolute fool of herself in the process. She went home and broke up with her boyfriend on the spot. She told her friends everything and then went back to university to continue her studies. But she couldn’t get into university. She couldn’t get her degree.

The whole thing is a lot more complicated than that, but that’s the gist. The jalshamoviez.o blog is the best place to get your jal-comic fix. With a bit of help from our friends over at iMore, we managed to translate the story into English and posted it on our blog.

As we’ve noted before, the jal-comic medium is one that is best for sharing the most “mundane” things that happen in life. But there is one very important thing we’re not talking about in the blog. It’s not the actual story being told, its the “jal-comic fix”. That’s the only way you can truly be “jal-compliant”. But that’s a whole different post.

Well said. Its like the cartoon character JAL-Com, but instead of being a joke, it is one of the most serious and important things in the world. The jal-comic fix is that simple. You fix something, then you show it to the world. It is the ultimate expression of jal-comic.


The jal-comic fix is not just a comic fix—it is a fix that is meant for the real world. The jal-comic fix is a fix for all of us. It is the fix that can save our lives. The jal-comic fix is a fix that can save our world.


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