Interior design ideas for your new home


Move-in day is exciting, but it’s also the perfect time to consider how you’ll arrange your home. 

Do you want to fill it with mismatched furniture, brightly colored walls, and personal touches? Or do you want less clutter and more neutral colors? The answer is completely up to what kind of space you’re looking for. 

If you need some inspiration, here are some ways to plan your new home’s interior design!

This will cover everything from front door décor, kitchen layouts, furniture arrangement ideas for all spaces in the house. Designing your house’s interior can be a lot easier if you have a plan.


Curb Appeal by The Front Door

The first thing anyone sees when they approach your home is the front door. 

Whether it’s through the fence, down the road, or up the walkway, someone will see that area first. 

Curb appeal is important because it sets the tone for everything else people will see as they approach your home. 

Luckily, it doesn’t take much to make a big impact on this space! You can swap out old mailboxes and welcome mats for something modern and new. 

You can also paint the door or put up a wreath for extra curb appeal. 

Kitchen Layouts Throughout History

A lot of people make their home personal by altering the layout of the kitchen. 

With all the counter space, there’s plenty of room for mixing and matching colors and styles. 

You can also change up your kitchen design by placing storage pieces away from the walls or hiding it all away in cabinets. 

If you’re looking to save money on large kitchen renovations, look into custom cabinets. 

They’re usually more affordable than other alternatives and they’re much easier to install.

Furniture Layouts and Arrangements that Work

Not all furniture pieces work well together. 

Some need to be kept separate, while some can go together with ease. Furniture arrangements are also dependent on the space of the room you’re working with! 

There’s no point in making a living room layout if your couch doesn’t fit, or you don’t have enough side tables to fill out the space. 

Take some time to plan your furniture arrangements before buying new furniture! 

That way you’re not stuck with a color scheme that looks great but doesn’t complement all of your new pieces.

Wall Art vs. Artwork

There are plenty of options when it comes to decorating your walls.

 From artwork to wall decals, there are tons of ways to make your space look great! The only thing you need to think about is how visual clutter will look throughout the house. 

If you want one type of art in your living room, kitchen, and bedrooms, then go for it! Just keep in mind the colors and themes of each room before making any permanent decisions.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Your bathroom needs to have its own unique style. This is the only place in the house that should have neutral colors. 

After all, your bathroom is where you go to unwind, which means you need a peaceful space. 

There are tons of color schemes that look great in this space, but make sure the colors aren’t too bright or distracting! 


Guest Room Design Ideas

It’s no secret that guest rooms should be neutral and comfortable at all times. It’s also no secret that they can get really messy! 

Between dirty shoes and clothing, dirty towels, and dirt spots on the carpet, your guest room can get gross really quickly. 

Bathroom Accessories

Your bathroom is also your first chance to create an atmosphere. Use accessories to give your bathroom a personalized look.

 Towels, decorative towels, shower caps, toilet seat covers are just a few things you can order online to give yourself visual flair in this space. 

You can also use bathroom drawers for storing things that only come out in the bathroom, like nail polishes and makeup. Items that are used sparingly should have their own space to keep clutter down to a minimum.

Bedroom Design Ideas

Decorating your bedroom is about setting the right tone for rest and relaxation, but it can be hard to do this with any style. 

Just keep in mind the colors you want to achieve, whether they’re basic or bold! You should also think about how much decor you want in your bedroom. 

If you want a spacious look that’s free of visual clutter, then take down any paintings or mirrors hanging up on the wall. 

If you want a bed with artwork on it, then you can hang up frames or decorative photo blocks.


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