Interesting Things You Should Know About the Breitling Timepieces


Have you ever purchased your Breitling timepieces? Or are you interested in purchasing one as one of the collections for your luxurious clocks? If you already have one, congratulations on becoming one of the members of the Breitling Family. You must now be curious about what you should know more about the brand.

In this article, we will give you advice and exciting things you should know about the brand upon purchasing one. There are many exciting facts every watch owner of this brand should know, and there are right ways to take care of the luxurious timepieces you have in hand.

Who founded the Breitling watches?

Leon Breitling started the company when he was still at his early age. It was impressive for a young boy to create magnificent Breitling Watches. After just less than a decade, the company moved to a new factory and headquarters. Then he employed over sixty employees for his watch-making company. But Leon and his son also died at a young age.

About the timepieces

The company first developed its clock in 1915, and the company is known to be connected with watches. Even though the company has been operating for several years, the general public cannot see its name on dials in their timepieces until 1920.


The brand didn’t include their name because they only thought of creating timepieces that would work amazingly along with their owners. In 1930 the brand introduced their stopwatch known as the Vitesse stopwatch, and this stopwatch was so accurate that even police officers use this for timing the motorists who are speeding.

The Emergency watch of the Breitling

In 1995 the brand introduced its emergency wristwatch. The timepieces help the owners to send a signal that is in distress during an emergency. It will allow the others to locate the user as fast as possible and quickly rescue them. The Breitling emergency watch proved its great use for the general public when saving their lives.

The Breitling Emergency watch is also known to save more than a dozen of lives. Since it was created, the brand has proven its emergency timepieces to be a lifesaver for many people. Like in 2003, rescuers rescued two helicopter pilots in Antarctica because of their Breitling emergency watch.

The Breitling movements

The dials of the brand are known to be branded in the 1920s, but Breitling only branded the brand’s movement in the 1940s and 1950s. The company has never branded their timepieces because they didn’t expect people to love their clocks and receive tons of orders for their watches.

The Iconic Navitimer 

One of the iconic timepieces and the top seller of the Breitling company is the Navitimer clock. They introduced this timepiece in 1952. This timepiece was a chronograph clock that is known to be ahead with others. It can calculate the requirements in flying an aircraft.

Cleaning the Bracelet and Case of your timepiece

The straps and case of your timepieces can garner dust and even sweat. This can lead to oxidation of its material, and it can even irritate the owners’ skin. You can clean them using a gentle toothbrush along with liquid soap and a gentle tapping for a water rinse. Use an absorbent cloth in dry cleaning your clocks.

Taking care of the Leather Straps

The leather straps are lovely in the eyes, but many users hate leather straps. Now there are ways for you to take care of these leather straps for you not to fear them anymore in purchasing timepieces. The leather straps hate to be in the water. You should always keep them away from places that are damp or humid.

The leather strap timepieces should also be kept away from excessive sweat or even in contact with small amounts of water. If you ever get in touch with water, you must dry your strap with an absorbent cloth as quickly as possible.

Is the Breitling watch waterproof or water-resistant?

Every timepiece of the Breitling company comes with different water resistance and can be defined in bars or meters. One bar of the water resistance will be equivalent to 10 meters or will fall into 33 feet. The Breitling watches water resistance can go up to 30 bars. And it can handle showering, splashing, water sports, and even diving.


You should know more interesting facts about the Breitling company, but we only included the essential points that you should know as a watch enthusiast in this article. We have also included ways to take care of the luxurious timepiece you have for it to last a lifetime and even be an heirloom of the family.


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