Indian Reality Tv Shows Don’t Have To Be Hard. Read These Tips


There is a lot of Indian reality TV show programming out there and it seems like most people are either loving it or hating it like surya ashtakam telugu. If you’re not sure which camp you’re in, this post will help clear things up. Reality TV in India has a lot of the same dynamics as the American version, but with unique tweaks and quirks. Fortunately, if you want to watch these shows without getting too stressed out, we’ve got some tips for you!

Here at Reality Rundown we are all about helping our readers get the most enjoyment they can from their favorite TV shows.

1. Think long term.

The concept of Indian reality TV is new and exciting and it can be hard to control the excitement when you are watching a show for the first time. However, it’s important to think about how the show will play out in the long term and not get too worked up about it. While there is certainly a lot of drama, some shows go on for months with no real developments until they are edited down into an episode or two that make sense. If you really like a show, keep watching!

2. Set your priorities.

Indian reality shows are about people who want to be famous or have an outlet for fame. Because of this, most of the time, it’s best to simply skip over the things that don’t interest you. If you just want to watch a show with your favorite actress on it and they’re having a conversation with a random guy who isn’t in your favorite band, skip ahead.


3. The more you know about a show, the better.

Many shows are five minutes long, so watching them hours after they air is usually not beneficial to the viewer’s enjoyment of the series as a whole. However, this obviously depends on the show so you should also make sure to stay tuned in if you’re interested in a particular topic and then check out the show’s Wikipedia page or some of the other resources linked below.

4. In-depth analysis is fun to read, but not always interesting to watch.

A lot of times, reality TV shows will have some interesting facts that were “leaked” before the show’s airing date that aren’t revealed until there is a big build up between episodes. Some people love to read about other people’s lives and for those people, reading about somebody else’s reality TV show is usually pretty rewarding (at least for those people who are interested in watching TV shows at all).

5. The first few episodes aren’t always the best.

While there are shows out there where the first few episodes are some of the most dramatic and compelling, it’s important to realize that this is not most shows. For many Indian reality TV shows, you will not see any of your favorite celebrities until about halfway through the season, so don’t worry if you’re not getting started on something yet (unless you prefer to get started on every single episode).

6. You won’t see all of your friends’ favorite people on every show, but you will see some.

There are a lot of Indian reality TV shows that are about a person’s life and so you don’t have to worry about seeing everything unless it’s an “all-star” type of show. Even if the focus is on one person, there will usually be people from their life shown (at least in the beginning), even if you don’t know them.

7. It’s impossible to watch everything.

Some people say that the key to enjoying reality TV is to watch everything and then discuss it with other people. This might sound good in theory, but it’s impossible to do because of the sheer number of reality TV shows that air every week. If you want to enjoy reality TV as much as possible, pick a few that you’re interested in! 

8. You don’t have to watch a reality TV show you don’t like.

If you just can’t stand the concept of a reality TV show or you find that the people on it are incredibly annoying, then it’s probably best to just not watch. We live in a world where we have lots of choices and while it’s fun to talk about people that we don’t like and make fun of them, there are probably other things out there that will be more enjoyable for you!

9. What happened yesterday will happen again tomorrow.

This doesn’t refer to yesterday being recreated with actors or anything like that, but more about recreating moments from previous episodes in order to get more drama. It’s pretty common for shows to have a scene where people are sitting around and talking about how they were betrayed by somebody or bad-mouthed by somebody. Reality shows aren’t scripted, but producers often prefer to combine previously seen footage with new footage rather than creating a new storyline.


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