How to Read Manga on PC – 5 Best Websites for 2021

How to Read Manga on PC – 5 Best Websites for 2021

Manga reading has become an increasingly popular thing in the past few decades. The reason for its great success is the art style, storytelling, and the variety of genres.

These Japanese comics are now read and admired in most parts of the world and it will not be wrong to say that manga truly deserves this recognition and fame. If you love to read manga in your free time but you can’t seem to find some suitable manga reading platform like mangastream, then don’t worry anymore.

We are going to share with you five of the best sites that you can use for manga reading any time and anywhere. So, let’s start discussing the features and services of these best platforms one by one.

  • Manga Club

This manga platform comes with a simple layout and a one-click manga reading option. On the front page, you can see various manga genres and their top-related shows to choose from.


The site hosts manga content for people of all ages. It is mostly known for hosting adult manga, but you can find some Shonen, and similar series as well. Manga club gives you a friendly UI, manga-saving features, and a quick search option without any charges.

  • Manga Plus

This is another free manga reading site that has ties with major manga distributors like Shueisha and VIZ Media. The site hosts all the mainstream manga shows like Boruto, one-piece, one punch man, DBS, and many more.

It contains minimum ads and the latest episodes are added from the ongoing series regularly to keep you updated.

The site has a huge manga library and allows you to search manga either by its title or author name. The site has a fast-loading speed which saves you a lot of time.

  • Crunchyrol

This website is famous for hosting both high-quality manga and anime. It has both a free and premium version and you can choose the one that suits you best. Crunchyroll has a very sleek UI that offers a smooth user experience.

The quantity of manga on this site is truly great, and new ones are regularly added to the list. Its main page has many options such as anime shows, manga, games, and News to keep you a step ahead.

You can also browse anime and manga in alphabetical order to find your favourite shows quickly.

  • VIZ Manga

This great manga site presents you with the latest manga on its homepage. You can search manga either by its genre or by format such as digital, print, or book form.

Its search bar is equipped with an auto-completion feature to make the search process a bit quicker. This site is really great when it comes to user experience and the quality of content. You don’t need to set up an account or get a subscription to read the manga which is pretty amazing.

The site is free to use, has a fast page loading speed, and poses virtually zero security risks which makes it ideal for manga reading. For more information visit Past News.

  • Book Walker

This manga platform is mostly known for its huge manga collection and great print quality. The site has a fun layout that is both interactive and efficient.

Book walker hosts shows from every manga genre and the developers update the site often to add the latest content. This website allows you to make purchases and gives promotions that you can use to buy premium manga at a very affordable rate.

You can search your favourite manga here by using author name, manga title or some other keywords which save up both your time and energy.

Final Words

So, stop looking for manga reading sites and try out the ones we have listed above. We can assure you that no matter what kind of manga you are into, or the genre you like, you can find that among these platforms.

Manga reading is a fun experience and it is not wise to ruin this activity by picking up mediocre sites. We hope this information has helped you in some and way and once again we urge you to give our mentioned sites a go for better results.


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