How To Improve Your Spellings And Vocabulary?

How To Improve Your Spellings And Vocabulary?

If you learn any language from the grass-root level, the first thing you need to know is words. Words are the constructional elements of any sentence which further compound to be recognized as a language. Among all the languages globally, English has garnered its place as the universal language to communicate. Because of this recognition of the English language, learning proper English is a need and a necessity. So we will be talking about How to Improve Your Spellings and Vocabulary?

Why English?

We discussed the little need for learning English. But have you ever researched this huge demand for this particular language? Why is English so important in India itself? Here are few causes for this ever increasing demand of English

1. Globalization

Globalization has taken a complete toll on the world, and every nation wants to deal with other countries for a prosperous economy. English has emerged as the largest spoken language for official language.

2. Social Status

English has not only been a language, but also it has emerged as a mark of social status. It’s not as if other languages are essential, but of all the languages, English has particular respect among all the nations and people.


3. Global understanding

The English-speaking countries have produced lots of pieces of literature. Reading these literary works helps you learn a language and enables you to understand the people’s mentality, social structure, and culture in these countries.

4. Colonisation

The British were quite active in spreading their kingdom, and India was a British East India Company colony. Due to the strong sway of the British, English also became a part of our civilization. English has contributed to our independence because the leaders and freedom fighters discussed matters and opposed derogatory resolutions to show their anger by the use of English periodicals and newspapers.

So I hope now you understand why English got its vast importance and demand in a country like India and worldwide.

How To Improve Your Spellings And Vocabulary?

Now, reading the above reasons may ignite a desire to learn the English language better. You may feel confused and doubtful about how you can improve your English. Don’t worry; we will tell you some fantastic tips and platforms where you can learn and examine your command of English.

1. Dictation

If you are reading this article, that means you know English pretty well. But if you want to build a strong command over the spellings, then you should try dictations. It helps your brain learn the spellings quickly and also activates your brain to reply rapidly.

You can try the dictation for class 2, where you will be able to test your spellings better.

2. Read Aloud

Try to speak it aloud whenever you read any story, paragraph, newspaper report, poem, or any other piece in English. Speaking aloud helps you detect your pronunciations and also enables you to improve your diction and modulation in the English language.

3. Spelling test

There are many ways of spelling test. One of them is dictation, which we already discussed above. Apart from that, you can play a scramble; fill in the blanks, and error detection worksheets to get better with the spelling test.

You can register in the SpellQuiz spelling test program to check your level in the language.

4. Journal

Journals are just like the story writing which you do at school. The only difference is journals are meant for personal purposes. The main objective of journalizing is to help your brain get activated to write and communicate in English.

5. Music

You can listen to English music. Listening to music will help you to learn new vocabulary. Building a good stock of vocabulary is also essential. You can use the words with the same meaning but have g different feelings. This is only possible if you have a strong vocabulary power inside.

Conclusion: So this was all regarding how to get better Your English spellings and vocabulary? We talked about how you can perform spelling test, where you can practice dictation word for class 2, and how a fantastic platform like SpellQuiz can help you in this.


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