How to Get Maximum Satisfaction from Cricket


The game of cricket is a non-contact sport. Due to this, many people naive about the nature of the sport are usually quick to downplay the value of fun they can get from it. It might be shocking to some of these people when they realize that cricket is the second most popular sport

The popularity of cricket is due to its followers’ attachment; it can be a sense of patriotism, financial fulfillment, or simply the deep tradition connected to the sport. For the spectators, however, most of them see the option of satisfaction limited to just watching the live matches. In this article, you will read about other means to get maximum value from that game you love. 


Cricket has undergone some development aimed at entertaining the spectators in recent years. One of such is the introduction of the Twenty 20 matches as well as the women’s league. T20 matches are shorter compared to the traditional matches, and they span 3 hours. In addition, T20 matches add more action and thrill to the game, while the women’s league adds diversity. While these might boost the game, especially for those watching on the screen, there still lies an ultimate experience that lies beyond. 

As various tournaments are held in Australia, India, South Africa and other parts of the world, it is an opportunity to visit new places. Instead of limiting the fun to the pitch, you can explore outside the pitch to see how the world looks. The best way to get an ultimate experience from this is to arrange your holiday to fall within the period of the tournament being held in your preferred location. If you are the wildly free type and distance is not an issue, regardless of when you have your holidays, there is at least one tournament being held somewhere in the world. There are tons of satisfaction and fun you can get from this.

  • Excursions will take you to iconic locations of the world. It will give you an excellent opportunity to tick that city you’ve always dreamed of visiting off your bucket list for good. With arrangements with your tour agent or company, they can give you a guide to supply the historical and cultural context of the places you visit. These excursions will improve your knowledge about the world and help you connect with people of different cultural backgrounds. 
  • Adventures are also a fantastic option on the list of the benefits of tourism. They range from skydiving, mountain climbing to voyages on water. Regardless of which you have decided to add to your list, they increase your mental and physical fitness. 
  • Connecting with nature is also another reason why you would want to consider cricket tours. This option will give you a break from the electrical and mechanical buzz that constitute our everyday lives. You will get to experience the calm that can be found in grasslands, at the mountaintop or in the rushing waters. This has a positive effect on sleeping patterns and self-awareness. 


The excitement that we feel when we watch cricket matches is based on the personal emotions we attach to them. Sometimes, this can manifest in the way we project ourselves into the body of our favorite batsman or bowler. So anytime they are on the pitch, it feels like we can feel what they are also feeling. 

The truth, however, remains that they are not robots that we can control. Therefore, sometimes they make mistakes or fail to meet our expectations. Online bettors know this, and it is why they like to visit the best australian betting sites to improve their chances of winning their bets. 

man in white and red jersey shirt and white pants holding brown wooden stick

Gaming, however, breaches this gap by making you the hero and putting all the controls in your hands. It also allows you to enjoy the bat-and-ball game beyond national or club divisions. It’s all your call whether to experience how it feels to be Joe Root of England or Pat Cummins of Australia. An added benefit of games is that you can enjoy them either on mobile or on your laptops. So they can be a perfect way to catch a break from work or academics, and if you want it as a long and captivating dual-screen action, it also works. 

Best Cricket Games for Androids and iPhone

There are numerous cricket games that you can explore on Google Playstore and Apple Store for your smartphones. To get good returns on your data and time, you should have the best games on your smartphone. These are the games that will give you high-quality graphics as well as rich features. Based on reviews online, these are among the best cricket games for Androids. 

  • Real Cricket 20
  • Big Bash Cricket
  • Stick Cricket Live
  • All-Star Cricket
  • WCC Rivals

Best Cricket Games for PC and Console

If you are a gamer at heart, you might want to consider the immersive and life-like experience that you can get from these. A popular review on Quora gave the following suggestions as games that you should try out.

  • Ashes Cricket 2017/2019
  • International Cricket 2010/Ashes Cricket 2009
  • EA Cricket 2005
  • International Cricket Captain 2013
  • Don Bradman Cricket 2014

These are just a few ways you can get more satisfaction from the game. It, however, doesn’t end here. You can also decide to monetize your passion for the game by checking out MightyTips. They have tipsters that give expert reviews and suggestions. Check out the profile of one of their authors, Kate Richardson. 

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. There is no reason to restrict your fun to the pitch when it comes to cricket. The extra value you can get from the side attractions is a huge deal. 


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