How to do an authentic 90s grunge makeup look


You’ve been eyeing up that grunge look for a long time, but you’re not quite sure how to get it right? 

Don’t worry about taking your time and doing it the hard way – we’ve got you covered! You will need a few key products to get started, but overall this is a super easy look for beginners.

The trick with this makeup is using the texture of the eye shadow as much as possible like they did back in the 90s. 

Apply it like you would an eyeliner, middle of the lid only! This will give your eyes some dimension and make them pop.


For the base, we recommend using concealer for coverage and to set your foundation. Apply it all over your face, including under your eyes.

Next, add a few shades of foundation over the concealer. If you’re going with a really deep base color then you can skip this step or apply a bit less foundation on top of it.

 Using concealer on top will ensure that you don’t look cakey and give you a flawless finish.

Now for lips! Since this is a grunge look, we recommend going bold and using something like our lipstick in ‘Shiny.’ 

It has a matte texture while keeping the shiny look of gloss without being too strong or overpowering. Then finish the look off with a bold lip liner.

That’s it! If you’re looking for a more detailed tutorial on how to do this look, check out our step-by-step blog post right here!

Step by step direction to create an authentic 90s grunge makeup look :

1. Apply a layer of concealer on a clean face. 

Then add foundation and blend it out.

2. Apply a base foundation on top of the concealer.

 Blending it in so it doesn’t look cakey.

3. Add some loose powder on top to set the foundation .

Add all over the glow to the skin. Blend it into the skin.

Add some more loose powder on top of that to add all over shine and dimension to your eyeshadow.

4. Apply a bit of setting spray to the face.

 Followed by a layer of loose powder to set it.

5.Blend in the eyeshadow colour you chose.

 Making sure it doesn’t streak out or make your iris look too dark/red/pinky!. Curl your eyelashes and apply a coat of mascara on each

 Next, apply a matte eye shadow in the color you wish. 

Take your time blending out the lines and keeping it pretty natural looking.

6. Add an eyeliner with a liner brush.

 At the top of the lids and draw a line along them like you would draw your eyebrows .

7. Apply a super-dark brown pencil liner all over the eyes.

From lash line to brow bone, then fill in your eyebrows with it as well.

Fix the liner by going over it with a cream shadow to set the color, but make sure you blend it out very well so that there is no difference between liner and shadow left behind!

8. Next, apply a matte nude shade on the top of the cheeks for contouring.

 This will add definition to your face and help you look chiselled and gaunt at the same time.

Apply a dark matte shade on top of your cheekbones and blend it in using your blending brush. Then contour lightly on the sides of your nose with a darker matte color.

 Blend out as you go as this will reflect light as well as give you definition!

9. Apply a drop of burgundy red shadow.

Somewhere on the lower lash line or even along it depending on how much drama you want to add to that eye.

10. Use a dark brown colour on the brows .

To help them look defined, then apply a light matte shade all over the eyelids.

Use an eyeliner brush and apply some drawing or smudgy lines on the lower lid to make your eyes look more open and bigger!

11. Add an eyeliner with the pencil liner lower lash line .

Make sure that they’re not too close to your eye or it will look really harsh. Draw a smaller line to give it a brow feel by going inside your natural eyebrow.

12. Apply a pale matte color to the rest of your face.

Then use a blending brush to apply a soft pink blush. 

Finally, draw on some lines around your eyes with a liner brush, making sure you go over them with a lighter color so they don’t make the look too dramatic.

13.For lipstick, we recommend using our “Shiny” matte lipstick.

Finally, apply a matching lip liner and then apply it to the lips.


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