How Not to Be Bored: a Few Fun Things to Do Online


The Internet is a huge place which you can use in thousands of different ways every day. You can use it for work and earn some money, and you can use it for fun too. Today we are going to discuss the more entertaining side of the Internet. What follows is a list of things you can do on the Internet if what you need is a fun and relaxing afternoon.

Share Pictures and Videos with Your Family

One way to remind your family members that you think of them is to send them photos. Photos from you, old photos together with them… what matters here is the sentiment, not the photos you choose. You can use email for this occasion, or you can log onto your Instagram or Snapchat account and share them there. Share your special moments with your closest ones. This especially matters today, when we can’t just go and visit everyone due to Covid 19 restrictions.

Watch Movies, TV Shows or Lectures

There are numerous platforms where you can watch your favorite movies or TV shows. It has been proven that these activities relax you and have a mental impact on your mental health. So find one that you enjoy and prepare your snacks. It is going to be a fun and relaxing night.

You can use platforms like Netflix,, Hulu and many others to watch movies or TV shows. If you are more into lectures or motivational talks you can opt to visit the YouTube channel TED Talks and listen to interesting conversations about technology, design, education and other relevant fields. Invest in your free time activities by signing up to some of these platforms, it is worth it.


Listen to Your Favorite Tunes

Depending on your preferences, you can listen to current or classic radio programs, you can go on YouTube and choose the songs yourself, or you can download the albums of your favorite band or singer. Music is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day at work, and the Internet makes it readily available anytime you need it. It is a sort of a therapy that heals and makes you feel better. Take advantage of the opportunity.

Play Online Games

Checkers, bridge, chess, backgammon, poker… the list is almost endless. For instance you can explore the Wildz casino login option and play card games, board games, Texas Hold’em, or whichever game you enjoy the most.

Besides that, many online games offer the option for multiplayer. Invite your family or friends that live far and have a blast. You will certainly feel closer when having fun together. Since Covid 19 restrictions tend to keep us apart physically, it is up to us to find ways to reconnect even when we can’t spend time together. A blessing, really.

Shop Online

This one is probably more appealing for women, but men need new stuff too. You can shop for clothes, or if you are skeptical about quality and size you can shop for accessories, home stuff, car parts and whatnot. You can shop for yourself, or your kids, or your family. You can find anything you may need on the internet, and the best part? You can compare prices and quality from different stores without having to leave your home and spend the whole time running around. Additionally, almost all online stores provide shipping to your door. Convenience at its best.

Visit Cities, Museums and Galleries Virtually

It has been a whole year now since we could travel around the world freely and without any tests or masks. We all need to escape our everyday habits and relax at a new place. Well, since we are kind of stuck home, we can travel virtually. It is definitely not the same, but it can come close at times. Namely, there are tours organized by people who want to visit museums, galleries or theaters. And you can take a virtual walk in the largest cities too, and feel like you are right there.


The Internet is a place where we can do a lot. And by a lot I mean A LOT. You can work and make money, you can travel, you can play games, you can watch movies, and listen to your favorite jam. It is an opportunity everyone needs to grab and enjoy fully. Just make sure that you use reputable pages and avoid any kind of scam or fraud that may lure.


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