How is email marketing better than the other marketing ways?


Email marketing has consistently outperformed other marketing channels for some time now. 

The best marketer understands the power of the “word of mouth” effect on their business, and they know that email is one of the most effective ways to summon it.

This  will provide you with a quick overview of the benefits that email marketing offers over other forms of marketing, including less cost per click, higher conversion rates, more engagement rates and more opportunities for personalisation.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing. It involves sending messages via email to a targeted audience, with the objective of gaining a sale or driving awareness.


With the increased success of social media and Google, many businesses have developed new ways to market their products and services. 

While email still remains as one of the most cost-effective ways to market your product or brand, there are increasingly more alternatives that can be used to promote your messages.

Facts which tells how is email marketing better than the other marketing ways :


For example, if a business has a sale on its products, the link to be shared through Twitter or Facebook can cost around $100-$140 in a month. 

The cost of the same message sent to an email list would have been close to 1000 times lesser. One hundred times is a lot in this case.


Using email marketing for a company with a very popular product or service can earn them far more customers than using other methods. 

You could include all your buyers in your list by asking them to share campaigns and campaigns from other companies to increase their purchases, thus increasing the chance of selling more from their current list.

3.Remember :  that the best things are free!

Every time someone visits your website, you can think of this as your website being visited by 100 publishers. 

When they visit that page or they click on that link, it does not mean that they have visited your website. Instead, it just means that you have made their decision to visit your website.


Email marketing allows you to personalise the content of an email based on the person’s email address. 

For example, whether someone is a new customer or they are already a buyer of yours is very important information about them which can be sent in an email to them for further business purposes.


The cost of an email marketing campaign can be almost cheaper when compared to other types of marketing campaigns.


You can choose a target audience to reach out to and you could do it in a wide range of ways, ranging from emailing individual emails or emails that contain a link to your website or emailing companies that have an existing relationship with your business. 

By doing this, you could potentially increase the number of leads you will get from your followers.

7.Early stage

You could learn about the potential customers who are interested in your products or services before you do any marketing for them. This is called the early stage.

8.Better ROI: 

Email marketing can be highly effective for companies who want to acquire customers with small budgets for their products or services, as email can deliver high conversion rates with minimal costs per click. 

For example, if you are selling an ebook online at $10, you could set up an email campaign that contains your product promotions along with it; if people opt to purchase your product after reading about it in the email, then they will need to pay close attention to what they read and consider the choice carefully before they make a payment.


You can use attractive designs and images in your marketing email to catch the interest of your potential customers. 

Pictures and designs even cater to all age groups, so you can send an email to them and promote your products and services alongside them.

 This could therefore encourage the reader to purchase whatever they see and learn more about it, so if it is a promotional offer on one of your products or services, this could be a great way for you to get better sales.


Effective emails can also be very viral, especially if they are highly relevant to users or if they are funny or entertaining. 

If someone forwards your email to others, it could have a similar effect to sharing your posts on social media – if you create an effective email, people who will share it with others can make your target audience grow with ease.


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