How anxiety becomes cause of several disorders in men


At the present days, stress or anxiety is very common to all men and there are several causes to be exited or getting stress. Anxiety is very dangerous mental problem and at the brining stage it is to try to important to get rid of the anxiety or stress because it brings a lot of mental as well as physical troubles or diseases. 

However it very unfortunate that people use several pills at the primary stage to get relief from extreme stress such as Cenforce 150 or Fildena 100

Therefore, this medicine is very common to reduce the stress. As a result men can buy these kinds of medicines through pharmacy, or online platform because it helps to reduce the stress for few hours.  

Here one thing you need to understand that these types of medicines which men are taking is it the right solution? 


Like the other medicines also such as Cenforce 200 mg is able to reduce the stress or anxiety of men for few hours. 

You need to know which type of diseases you can get because of anxiety or stress. Again men should remember that stress or anxiety is very dangerous for human life. 

 In fact, it can bring too much frustration and so many mental diseases as well as physical diseases by which you will get several troubles and your life will become a hell.  

So, take an appointment of a doctor to discuss the matter instead to take the medicine like Vidalista 60.  This can reduce stress or anxiety for few days but trouble will increase if you do not take medicines by the professional doctors and do some physical activities.   

Diseases which men can get through the anxiety or stress: 

Therefore it is urgent to know all the men that if you do not yourselves at the beginning stage this stress or anxiety become a chronic disease and then from here to come out will be a trouble for men. So, it is a suggestion to all not to neglect or ignore your anxiety or related any trouble from the beginning.

Men first get frustration or depression from the anxiety or stress trouble:

Anxiety and several phobias

Though it depend on man to man but maximum cases medical research is telling that stress or anxiety is related with depression. Everybody is unique in this world and because of that reasons all men cannot take all the matter in an equal way. As a result, men become exited and anxiety comes slowly. Even men attacks by several phobias because of anxiety or huge stress which men feel automatically. 

Men get mental disorder as well as different physical diseases: 

However, because of this situation men get several mental disorder as well as different physical diseases such as diabetics, heart diseases, liver and stomach diseases, kidney trouble and most importantly  the neuron or nerve diseases. 

Nerve diseases which related to anxiety as well as depression: 

So, when your nerve is not in your control then you cannot control your mind, body or anything. Another most dangerous matter is this mental disease out of which committing suicide is very common because of frustration.  Men do not get anything for which they want to live or survive. 

Men face zero level of mental situation and dementia: 

This is the zero level of mental situation. Men can get dementia. This nerve related disease leads to dry the brain as well as whole body cells and it attacks first the brain and it is also the cause of depression. 

Brain cell cannot get nutrition which it needs because of depression men do not take foods or proper diet. In fact, they cannot sleep properly. Therefore, slowly and gradually they start to forget everything because of dementia. There are so many other diseases are there because of anxiety or stress.         

Men get sleepless less night or insomnia:

Anxiety is the main cause of sleeping disorder or insomnia because this anxiety does not allow the nerve cells remain in calm and it does not make the body relax. Therefore, men cannot sleep and slowly they are accepted by insomnia which is very dangerous disease and it slowly kills the men at the insomnia’s last stage no medicine would work. Men in maximum cases become totally mad and ultimately they get death. 


  • However, try to remain safe from anxiety or stress. If you have anxiety trouble you cannot sleep and you cannot eat properly. In fact your stomach and liver cannot assist you to digest the foods which you ate. Anyway, it is also very painful as well as it can be a cause of colon, liver, or stomach ulcer.  


  • Mental support can assist to come out from the trouble and that can be done by family members, partners, friends, or closest someone. Here with medicine counselling, yoga, dieting, etc. are very important to maintain a healthy life without anxiety troubles. If any trouble to share with anybody then take an appointment of the relevant doctors who can assist you to id of anxiety or stress trouble. Ultimately men need to show their own willpower to come out from the situation.  


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