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BIG news is this. People are slowly starting to realize what’s going on in their hood. This place is not your usual monthly break-out party or a place where you go for a pint and some popcorn. It’s a place where the hood busters are telling us that we’re all gonna get it bad, and guess what? We’re not afraid of that at all! This local news station has been officially caught in the cross-hairs of the LOS ANGELES GRASSROOTS community. When you hear other towns breaking out with barbecues, parties, and other celebrations, you know there’s something serious going on in their city.

Breaking news in Hood County: Dirty and dangerous businesses are being torn down for hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’ve heard about these businesses before, but we’re still not sure if we can trust the people who work in them. With so many shady names on these establishments, it’s hard to know whether they’ll be doing the right thing or aren’t doing the right thing because they want to do whatever it takes to keep the business here.

Though it’s not exactly a news report, Hood County Breaking News seems to be an article that’s been around for a while. There are only a few facts that are stated in the article and a lot of information is left out. Some will be found in one of the sections talked about below, but most of the information you’ll find in this article is from just looping around the news media, so there’s probably some things I’ve missed or can’t really relate to.



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