Healing From Your Dispensary: Illnesses Cannabis Can Relieve


Michigan is among the US states that allow the use of cannabis or marijuana for medical treatment. It legalized medical cannabis in 2008, and in 2018, a state legislation was passed that allows cannabis for recreational use.  

Since cannabis is legal, you can find a Michigan dispensary in many parts of the state. The presence of these dispensaries allows people to explore medical cannabis as a treatment for their illnesses. 

Medical cannabis is found to be effective in treating various diseases. As a result, some physicians who prescribe it to their patients and the many patients who tried it have reported that it is effective. 

Here are some of the medical conditions cannabis works for:


Chronic pain

Hundreds of thousands of Americans use cannabis to help relieve them from chronic pain. Its effectiveness in relieving pain has been scientifically proven. Cannabis is said to reduce pain caused by peripheral neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome, spinal cord injury, chemotherapy, cancer, muscle and joint problems, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis by 40%. 

Most adults who use cannabis for medical purposes suffer from arthritis, and 79% of those who used it said it helped. 


Many Americans suffer from insomnia. Cannabis is claimed to be a good treatment for this because it restores the person’s sleep pattern without the side effects. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two components of cannabis that help a person sleep. Medical cannabis with a higher THC content helps a person sleep better because it reduces their REM sleep. A reduced REM means fewer dreams, which means deeper sleep. It is said that 86% of people who used it to improve sleep have said it helped.  In addition, the use of cannabis is said to help those suffering from PTSD sleep better because it reduces nightmares. 

Multiple sclerosis

There are almost 1 million Americans suffering from multiple sclerosis and the debilitating muscle spasms and pain that come with it. Those who use cannabis say it helps reduce stiffness and muscle spasms from MS. One advantage of using cannabis is that its effects can last a long time. 

However, there are also possible side effects of using cannabis, like impaired balance and coordination and increased appetite, among others. 

Cancer pain

One of the highly effective treatments for cancer pain is cannabis. It helps reduce the side effects of the cancer treatment, such as nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, and weight loss. 

Cannabinoid receptors bind to the brain and other body parts, reducing cancer patients’ pain from chemotherapy. It also reduces inflammation, which also helps with the pain. 

Unfortunately, cancer patients also suffer from neuropathy, which is caused by nerve damage because of chemotherapy. Cannabis helps reduce this pain.

People with cancer suffer from loss of appetite. However, some studies show that cannabis helps improve cancer patients’ appetite. 

Other illnesses 

Cannabis is also said to help people with migraine, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, glaucoma, and Crohn’s disease. In addition, people who have taken cannabis are said to show improvements from their illnesses. 

Cannabis provides relief from various illnesses, as mentioned above. Though cannabis provides these benefits, it should not be overused. Just because it is available at your Michigan dispensary, you cannot abuse it. Like everything in life, it should be taken in moderation. You should also consult your physician first before using it as a medical treatment.


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