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Organic cotton is a better, more eco-conscious alternative to non-organic textile materials grown without toxic pesticides, fertilizers, or GMOs—all proven damaging to the environment, farmer, and manufacturer. Organic cotton is also healthier for consumers as exposure to pesticides can result in a range of health problems, from headaches and nausea to long-term, chronic diseases such as cancer, reproductive damage, and endocrine disturbances. 

Here are the best brands for organic and sustainable clothing: 

Organic Basics

Organic Basics is all about environmentally friendly things, including adults’ underwear, basic tees and tanks, and cozy leggings. These sustainable, green foundations were born in Denmark in 2015 (but are available worldwide) and are ethical, low-waste, and low-impact. Perfect when you are on the go, mainly because wearing our Organic Girls Dresses keeps you fresh after wearing. Wash less, do more.


Groceries Apparel

Groceries Apparel is concerned about materials — the brand traces its organic cotton from seed to skin and ensures a fair and low carbon footprint. All clothing is made sustainably and responsibly in Los Angeles to be delivered internationally, where the brand works to reduce waste and recycled materials as much as possible. Apparel’s Organic Girls Dresses ranges from activewear for adults to fantastic maxi dresses. We particularly love vegetable-dyed products for a unique look.


The Pact aims to create clothes that make the world a better place. The certified company B Corp is dedicated to ensuring that its whole supply chain – from organic cotton growing and harvesting to the final sewing of garments – is as clean as possible. 


The thought is a natural clothing company whose philosophy is simple: designing and producing lovely, timeless fashion while caring for our environment. The UK brand sells Organic Girls Dresses; hemp clothing supplied internationally. 

Brook There

Brook There is our daily underwear and minimalist clothing brand. The durable and super-soft lingerie is made of GOTS Certified Organic Cotton in the US, has been cut and sewn, and some sets include beautiful silk trimmings. 

MATE The Label

MATE The label uses only natural or non-toxic materials for manufacture, such as low-impact dyes, 100% linen, organic cotton, and Tencel (derived from sustainably sourced wood). As its plant is less than 10 miles from its headquarters, its carbon footprint is small, meaning that all parts from Los Angeles are cut, sewn, tinted, and shipped. And the packaging is made entirely of recycled materials. 


Synergy is committed to using organic cotton of the highest quality from well-paid farmers who work in healthy working conditions. This commitment also rises to the supply chain – Synergy ensures that everyone has a safe, healthy, and fair-salary environment – from weavers to people who package the garments in boxes. 

Fair Indigo

Fair Indigo, a brand based in Wisconsin working with craftspeople in Peru, produces quality organic clothing – the Forever Organic Tees last up to five years. Every item in this adult clothing line is made from Pima cotton organic and earth-friendly dyes. Also, the brand provides local communities in Peru with funding for children’s educational opportunities. Shop for organic bases for adults, athletics, and more.

Backbeat Co.

Backbeat Co. gives priority to people, the planet, and profits. Based in California, the company creates cool, comfortable basics for everyday lifestyles – Organic Girls Dresses, sweatshirts, jumpsuits, jackets, and more. It uses low impact materials like hemp, organic cotton, and Tencel pulp and ships its clothing in plastic-free, compostable, or recycled packaging.

Shift To Nature

Shift to Nature sources the most environmentally friendly brands with firm commitments towards sustainable and ethical clothing production. Expect a variety of labels with certified organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo products. The shift to Nature carries from essential and activewear to luxurious organic cotton and hemp linen clothing.


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