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This is a project by Markus and Niklas Fremont. One of the biggest challenges for developing Spanish-speaking countries interested in foreign language websites is that translating and interpreting foreign languages is often a difficult task. We’ve been looking for a messenger app that not only has native Spanish support, but also one that can be used with phones and tablets. We used the Fremont AudioKit which was created by American manufacturers to create an experience for native Spanish speakers which can be used with various hardware and software.

We’ve all heard of fremont message, the company that makes a stainless steel water hose that can do so much more than just making water efficient. Now you can use your own new water hoses to clean the shower. Just pre-drink and insert any hoses into the shower head that you want to scrub away the dirt, grime or soap residue from, and then simply rinse with fresh filtered water after every use. You might even have a few extra hoses on hand just in case you forgot to put your fresh water into the spa before washing off the soap residue.

Fremont, a service delivery platform, has been designed to transform the way you choose and deliver your business. They have a partnership with Google’s Cloud Platform to create a messaging service that is mobile-first and mobile-proof. With fremont news messenger you can be in control of your messages and your messages will be destroyed on the platform. This is a revolutionary new form of messaging for businesses and new ways for people to communicate, connect and exchange information that are not technologically possible today. From meeting face to face, with devices like Skype or FaceTime, it is no longer just about the content.

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