Four Convincing Reasons to Support & Patronize Australian Furniture

Australian Furniture

The Australian furniture industry is expected to grow to AUD 14-billion by next year. Its main increase is greatly attributed to the consistent growth of residential areas in most of the Great Outback’s major cities. 

Another important reason is the increasing number of hotels and resorts in the country’s hospitality industry, as most parts of Australia is already free or have controlled the spread of COVID-19 significantly. It contributed to the growth of the demands for furniture pieces, particularly beds and closets.

Commercial spaces also contributed to the growth of the Australian furniture industry. 

With all these in mind, consumers might already hint at why supporting the local furniture industry helps build the entire country’s economy.


But there are more reasons for it. To find out, here are some noteworthy information to convince Aussies that there are many benefits not just for them but for everyone when they support local.

Helps Bolster the Economy

Considering that American, European and Asian furniture makers can now easily be bought online, many consumers, including Australians, have grown fond of the convenience to order furniture pieces on this platform. 

However, when patronizing furniture designed and manufactured in Australia helps everyone understand the importance of supporting the local economy. Partnering with local furniture makers and suppliers help them raise profits and give back to the country’s economy, particularly the region where these furniture pieces are produced. 

It is a better solution to help the country’s entire economy and the local economy rather than purchasing furniture abroad. 

Artisanal Quality

Australian furniture is considered to be one of the best in the world. Australia, in particular, is blessed with some of the world’s best wood in making excellent quality furniture

Australia boasts different types of timber perfect for wood furniture because of its quality, colour, and durability. 

These types of woods are: 

  • Alpine Ash
  • Tasmanian Oak
  • Australian Red Gum Hardwood
  • Victorian Ash 

These are the best timber used for furniture making. Most of the Australian furniture pieces are designed to last. Thus, consumers always come across Australian made furniture for outdoor living spaces. 

Although the Australian furniture industry is not in its top 10 exported products, it is renowned worldwide. 

Sustainable Source of Materials

Knowing the furniture source or any home decor is very important to protect the environment and support sustainability. While everyone might be unable to trace the origin of their furniture piece, especially if it is bought online, but Australian furniture pieces are identified easily.

It is because of the use of Australian timber. Aussie furniture makers take pride in using only Australian timber for the furniture pieces they sell locally and for exports. The best thing about it is all the furniture makers in the country. 

The Australian timber industry annually harvests 6% of the entire country’s 147 million hectares of the public forest meant for industrial use. The good thing is, each harvest always comes along with replanting for sustainability. 

Practices Ethical Labour

Australia has a law requiring business and labour practices to comply in providing its workers with a fair wage, health benefits, and other necessary incentives. As consumers, it would be excellent to choose furniture made not just with quality but with equality. As everyone knows, forced labour and unfair wages are very rampant around the world. This kind of atrocity is not just common in furniture making but across many industries. 

There are tons of reasons why Australia-made furniture pieces are considered one of the best in the world. Besides being crafted with passion, Australian furniture makers follow ethical and sustainable ways to create furniture pieces that serve as focal points in different interior or exterior settings. 


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