Five Reasons Why You Cannot Learn Content Writing Well

It’s true that some people are not good writers. Heck, there are even some folks who can’t explain why they’re bad writers. 

But bad writing and limited knowledge of grammar doesn’t make you a bad content writer.

Knowledgeable Content Writing is essential for every business, and the competition is intense. Writing quality content that meets market needs can be challenging and require a lot of intense work for those just starting out.

 In addition, it’s a slippery slope to learning how to write well because each time you do, the need to improve becomes more apparent. Even if you already know how, content writing can be a difficult skill to master.

The problem is that the internet has become a jungle filled with so many different types of content that your site page loads can take longer than your competitor’s. 

How do you stand out from the crowd? It seems you either have exceptional writing skills or an army of writers who churn out content quickly and well. 

Whichever one you possess, this article will show you why it’s impossible for most people to learn good content writing.

At The Pulp List we believe that there are five reasons why writers might not be meeting their editorial goals.

In this article, you’ll find five reasons why you can fail to excel in content writing. These reasons are from the real world experiences of established businesses and newbies alike. 

Some of the points may seem familiar and some may surprise you, but they’re all important points to consider.

Here are five reasons why you cannot learn content writing well:

1) You have no plan – 

A blueprint is essential for any article even if it’s your first one. Inadequate planning will lead to wasted time and incomplete work as you struggle through the draft, not knowing how or where to proceed from next.

Take time to plan out your article as if it was a story that you were telling, the beginning, the middle and end. Also include tables that show comparisons amongst items. 

An example of such comparison can be which attribute is more important

2) You don’t know where to begin – 

It’s good to start with an introduction or a pull-out box and use this as a launch pad for the rest of the article. 

A good way of giving your readers an idea about what they can expect is to start with statistics and introduce statistics in general, followed by infographics and graphs.

 Readers love them because they give them very important information in visual form.

Perhaps people think that statistics and graphs are boring. However, you can make it interesting by adding a pull-out box with one of the best free online tools for creating graphs (excel graph maker).

Similarly, do not forget to use H2 and strong headings, bullet points and resize images to make it look more appealing to the reader.

3) You do not seek professional advice – 

There is no harm in seeking professional advice from experts who have years of experience and who know exactly what they are doing and can help steer you in the right direction. 

Do your research on finding credible experts.

If you are writing for a brand, there are brand guidelines that you need to follow. Make sure that you have read them carefully. 

Perhaps an article will have to be revised if it does not conform to the standards set out for by the brand.

4) You are not in a positive frame of mind – 

Research has shown that the success rate of a positive attitude is almost 100%. It’s about being happy, energetic and full of life. In other words, positivity is infectious. 

However, you need to guard against complacency and arrogance because when you are in this state of mind you can be down on yourself when things go wrong.

 Rather, encourage yourself to think positively when something goes wrong by saying to yourself: “It doesn’t matter how a person feels inside, what matters is how they behave outside.

5) You lack creativity – 

Content writers need more than just the ability to write words that make sense. 

They also need imagination and flair for catchy headlines, images and language that provide an enticing experience for the reader while conveying valuable information.

Instead of just writing about the subject, go out of the way to find out how you can write your article more creatively and interestingly. 

By doing so, you can achieve an article that truly stands out from the others.

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