Five Facts About Ash Greninja Breed Game That Will Make You Think Twice


Ash Greninja, the latest water type Pokémon to join the ranks of the Kalos region, is a perfect fit for all those trainers looking for a new powerhouse to battle opponents within Online Competitions. However, Ash Greninja are exceptionally rare, and it’s quite difficult to either find one or breed one by chance. The chances of obtaining an Ash Greninja without trading are less than 1%.  Ash greninja breed is one of the most difficult and time consuming processes.

The odds of obtaining an Ash Greninja is 1 in 900, which means that it takes lots of time, effort and luck to breed one! Below you’ll find a guide on how to breed Ash Greninja in Pokémon X and Y. This guide will cover all Ash greninja locations, but will not cover relationship values which are a completely different topic. I’ll also be discussing the requirements for achieving various IVs as well as providing some tips on how to make this whole process go smoothly. On top of that, there’s also an added complication when it comes to training an Ash Greninja: their moveset is restricted in some respects.

Five Facts About Ash Greninja Breed Game That Will Make You Think Twice :

1. Ash Greninja has a very rigid moveset, but there’s no way to freely change it :

Ash Greninja are unique in that they always hold a special item called a Battle Bond Stone. This item is what causes their unique moveset trait, and cannot be removed. The Battle Bond Stone has the ability to change Ash Greninja’s attacks so that they always know the following two moves: Night Slash and Hydro Pump. The bond between Ash and his Pokémon is what grants them this power, which can only be unlocked during battle when he enters a certain state of mind. When an Ash Greninja with a special Battle Bond Stone enters battle, it goes into this “strong willed” state. 


This causes it to always know the moves Night Slash and Hydro Pump after it’s been summoned. If it faints, the effect disappears. There’s a way to simulate this story element using Pokémon with PokéRus, but that’s a whole different topic. An Ash Greninja also has a hidden ability called Battle Bond, which permanently increases its Special Attack by 1 point after defeating another Pokémon in battle. However, it cannot learn any other abilities aside from its hidden ability and those already listed above.

2. Ash Greninja are very difficult to find :

Ash Greninja are extremely rare Pokémon, and are not found in any of the Pokéball bushes. They can only be come upon in a few places, requiring much effort on your part. As such, they’re not something you’ll easily stumble upon by accident. You might end up encountering one while traveling New Island, but that’s only if you’re lucky (there’s less than 1% chance of it showing up there). 

Other than that, they’re almost never found at Mauville City. For example, there’s a whopping 0% chance of finding one in Vista Trail 2 or Route 12. You won’t come across one in any Delibirds in the Verdanturf Hills. You won’t even find one on Route 17, which is located in the northeast side of town. The only place where Ash Greninja do appear is Route 22 and the first part of Cerulean Cape, where they’re incredibly rare.

When it comes to finding them in shops, the odds of stumbling upon a single one are about 3% (they’re sold in a handful of Pokémart locations). They’re even harder to come by when they’re found in the wild, with only a 1% chance of encountering one.

Even though they’re very uncommon, Ash Greninja can be bred at any time during the game with Reshiram and Zekrom asleep. This means you can breed an Ash Greninja anytime after your first visit to New Island, which is at level 30. This opens up all routes that connect to New Island for catching them.

3. Ash Greninja are impossible to find when in new locations :

Ash Greninja cannot be found anywhere in the game unless you’ve visited the area first. Ultimately, what this means for standard players is that you must visit New Island at least once, and then return to any other areas before returning to New Island again (like Pallet Town) where you’ll encounter an Ash Greninja. If you don’t want to go through all of that hassle, don’t make a habit of capturing more than one Ash Greninja per play through. Otherwise, you risk losing one if it’s not in your party when you return to New Island.

4. Ash Greninja are impossible to find online :

Niantic and Game Freak have not yet added Ash Greninja to the in-game trading system, meaning that you cannot trade for them using your 3DS. Neither can you obtain them from Lucky PokéStops or the 3DS StreetPass feature. This means that in order to get an Ash Greninja, you’ll either need to find one exploring New Island or breed one yourself at an in-game Day Care center. The only other way to obtain one is by trading with a friend, but this is not recommended due to their rarity and value.

5. Ash Greninja can benefit from an IV% Power Up, but it’s not easy to get :

Ash Greninja have a restriction in terms of their movesets. If you look at the Pokémon entry for Ash Greninja, you’ll notice there are two moves that are restricted to only one of its stats: Night Slash and Hydro Pump. This means that it has a total of 4 moves, but only 2 of them (Hydro Pump and Night Slash) can be leveled up – meaning the other 2 cannot increase in power level past the normal max level. In order to level up the other two moves, the IV powerup must be applied.


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